11 Accountancy Firms comment on the MyFirmsApp solution

Common questions when speaking to accountants are:

  • Will an App work?
  • Do they work for other accountants?
  • How do they work?
  • Will they win us new business?
  • Who else uses Apps?
  • Why should we use MyFirmsApp?
  • Wont Apps fade out?
  • My clients wont use my App!

Believe me over the past few months, our team have conducted hundreds of 1:1 calls with accountancy firms. And the questions come flooding out, and that’s expected. Why shouldn’t questions be asked, an App for most is something new.

So this blog isn’t going to share the stats, facts and user news. It’s not going to labor why 5 of the professional bodies promoted MyFirmsApp. Its simply going to share 11 comments from your fellow accountancy professionals, who have all taken the daring step to launch an App. Comments from firms of all sizes across 11 geographic areas.

Apps work, they are here to stay, and your firm could benefit from them – register for your free demo here

MFA Testimonials

“As a leading proactive Scottish Accountancy firm for over 45 years, and ICAS member, seeing the MyFirmsApp solution is one of the most exciting things I’ve encountered in my career. It’s a genuine breath of fresh air!”


Ian Donaldson | Carters Chartered Accountants

“At last something exciting for accountants……whatever next!”


Justin Smith Milne | Smith Milne & Co

“Our App looked great and has been both a good client engagement tool and conversation piece with prospects. I know that we have over 70 individuals using our App but has it actually generated new clients? To be fair I didn’t really expect it to, knowing how hard it is to genuinely track lead sources. So when a new client came on board I was rather shocked to find that the tipping point, the thing that t ‘really’ made the difference and encouraged them to choose us was our App. It’s a sign I am sure of things to come and the future of things to come.”


Ian Marlow | HFM Tax

“We met with MyFirmsApp at ICAS Edinburgh offices at a meeting arranged by ICAS. The meeting was great, exceedingly helpful and subsequently we chose to get an App built for our firm. They took the time to understand our goals and needs, to explain the market place and options we have. Not only did the App look great but the entire process from order to getting our very own App approved by Apple and Google has been smooth, professional and highly efficient throughout.

Highly recommended and refreshing to have made a decision and then have our App live so quickly. We look forward to marketing it now and continuing to be on the cutting edge as a firm.”


Calum Anderson | Andrew Hamilton & Co

“We chose MyFirmsApp as we wanted to differentiate as a firm and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with clients and prospects. Along with the App, which has been created for us – we also chose a marketing pack to help us easily promote and distribute our new App. We were particularly pleased that even before we began marketing it, we had won 2 clients who had found our App and enquired through it! This has already paid for the App and we now look forward to marketing it with earnest and enjoying the results from that.”


Dereck Mitchell | Taylor Viney Marlow

“Choosing an App through MyFirmsApp has given us a strong differentiator in an increasingly competitive market. Our clients expect us to be innovating for them and our new App – which is as close to bespoke as possible without paying those high prices – is a terrific way to show them we care. They enjoy using it, it improves our interaction with them and it will continue to play a valuable role in our marketing as a Firm. It is also great to know we get the ongoing support from the team at MFA who continue to develop for us, plus can share ideas and provide input in how to get the most from this tool and mobile technology. Simply put, our App says a lot about us to our customers, prospects and affiliates – without us needing to say anything at all.”


Richard Suswain |Tyrrell and Company

“We are delighted with our App, which was designed by the team at MyFirmsApp. The process was simple and the cost extremely competitive. It gives us great content in two sections – first the tax tables and really helpful calculators, and second the content we can update ourselves, helping us keep clients and potential clients updated with news and events at Alexander & Co and different ways we have helped clients. It’s a fantastic marketing tool with links to our blog, website and social media.”


Richard Alexander | Alexander & Co

“Thank you to the Team at Insight for developing Thoburn & Chapman’s new App. It looks absolutely great and the content is spot on for our needs of helping our clients get easy access to important info and getting us in the shop window of potential customers who fit our ideal client profile. It seems to be doing both jobs really well for a minimal investment. The feedback from our clients has been 100% in favor. Well done”


Ralph Thoburn | Thoburn & Chapman

“I knew having an App would differentiate us. What I underestimated was by how much and in how many different ways.

We have had PR articles, people sharing feedback with us on the App stores. It’s strengthened our message of being proactive, forward thinking innovators and helped us become even more visibly different than our competitors.

Clients love it; I mean not just downloading it or using it once or twice. They were engaging with it, some of them multiple times each day. And each time they did, our branding and name was in front of them.

And all for such a small investment of money. And best of all it doesn’t require any of my time to manage it.”


Tayabali Tomlin

“ When I first started my practice fulltime with a few clients and a lot of hope the question was “How do I get new clients” the answer then was “by word of mouth”. In time the same question would bring a reply “You need to advertise in local papers”. Move forward and the answer become “you need a presence in Yellow Pages and Thompsons Local”. Moving on again and the answer becomes “you need a website”.

Now having survived all this time and seen and worked through all these changes I believe the answer is “you need an App” Why do I think this? Read Tony’s full review here


Tony Margaritelli | ICPA Chair

“I shared the App with 1500 of my clients, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So for us the App had already more than paid for itself. However its benefit to our firm has not stopped there. We promote it on our site, its help increase web traffic and given us a great conversation piece when meeting new clients. One example is a prospect who came to see me, he had already met with 3 local firms. The meeting was going well, and towards the end of the meeting I showed him the Zaidi & Co App. The client was impressed; it was one thing that the other 3 firms didn’t offer. He signed up with us that afternoon, and part of that success is down to the Zaidi & Co App developed by MyFirmsApp.”


Mannan Zaidi | Zaidi & Co


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