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5 North East Accountants Launch Apps

PC sales have seen the longest decline in history whilst tablet sales are set to increase by 70% in 2013. Over 60% of the UK population now owns a smartphone and 85% of people prefer to use Apps rather than websites.

That means your customers and potential customers are using Apps more and more every day. They are part of daily life, so much so that mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing in the next few months. So it’s essential to consider how your practice can maintain communication with your clients and contacts in a modern, time-efficient way.

That’s why North East firms Thoburn & Chapman, Bailey Group, Saunders Swinbank, TPA Accountancy and Stokoe Rodger have all launched bespoke Apps with us in the past few months.

It’s also why ICAS, ACCA, ICPA and others organisations promote this solution.

An App is the perfect low cost, high return solution. It gives you an immediate way to differentiate your firm (less than 2% of firms have an App!) while reaching out to the mobile community. It can also generate clients for you (see below) and save you hours of time.

Ralph Thoburn“Thank you to the Team at Insight for developing our new App. It looks absolutely great & the content is spot on for our needs of helping our clients get easy access to important info & getting us in the shop window of potential customers who fit our ideal client profile. It seems to be doing both jobs really well for a minimal investment. The feedback from our clients has been 100% in favour. Well done!”

Ralph Thoburn | Thoburn & Chapman

Ralph Thoburn“We chose MyFirmsApp as we wanted to differentiate ourselves as a firm and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with clients and prospects. Along with the App, which has been created for us – we also chose a marketing pack to help us easily promote and distribute our new App. We were particularly pleased that even before we began marketing it, we had won 2 clients who had found our App and enquired through it! This has already paid for the App and we now look forward to marketing it with earnest and enjoying the results from that.”

Derek Mitchell | Taylor Viney & Marlow

Your Free 1:1 App Demo | See the App live for yourself

Can an App really work for your firm and your clients? The only way to really ‘get it’ is to see the App working. Only then will it become crystal clear.

Carried out from the comfort of your desk by phone you can see for yourself how an App will:

  • Pay for itself many times over in a matter of months
  • Save hours of operational time
  • Become a tool that your clients and potential customers will love
  • Understand why so many use the app daily
  • How it has revolutionised the way accountants communicate
  • Easily and effortlessly differentiate your firm
  • Be hassle free, all updates and tax data managed by us


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