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Why 7 Essex Accountants all launch Apps – Why?

As the time has come to change the course of your firm’s history; to raise your profile and stand out from the crowd; to show your local business community that you are innovative, progressive and a firm to be trusted?


Simply by immersing your firm in the very latest mobile technology and creating an App that will connect you with clients and prospects.

Let me explain… In an increasingly 4G world, more and more daily business connections are made using mobile phones, tablets etc. In fact, at the end of 2012 there were over 900 million smartphone users who had downloaded almost 100 billion Apps. Growth of mobile usage has been phenomenal and continues to expand well beyond everyone’s expectations. Just think of your own circle of contacts. Is there anyone you know who doesn’t have a smartphone? I doubt it. Your clients use them… your prospects use them… your own staff use them. And what’s driving this exponential growth in usage is the development of App technology – clever bits of software that have been specially designed to work with mobile technology and make life simpler, easier, faster and more immediate for everyone, without being complicated or expensive.

I know some accountants can’t get to grips with all this new technology. They can’t accept that the phone in their pocket contains greater computing power than it took to put a man on the moon! Or that their phone is in fact a highly sophisticated computer that, almost incidentally these days, is also a phone.

But ask anyone in business between the ages of 25 and 40 and you’ll find their lives are driven by mobile technology. They feel naked without their mobile phone or tablet. They use them constantly for business and leisure. Every aspect of their lives is covered by technology and today that means Apps.

And that’s why 7 Essex accountancy firms all launch Apps

Well know, established regional firms like Taylor Viney Marlow, Constable VAT, Alexandra Anthony, Unity Partners, Lucentum, ICPA and Gerald Edelman are just a handful of the early adopters.

So where does your firm fit into this picture?

Are you alive to the potential – but just not committed to it yet?

Are you bamboozled by new technology and wish you could go back to the good old days of personal introductions from your bank manager and advertising in Yellow Pages?

Or are you ready to embrace it and just need the final push to make a decision?

Wherever you are in your firm’s decision-making process, here are a few key thoughts which should help you put it firmly on your firm’s agenda in the next few months:

1. TRUST. MyFirmsApp is endorsed or promoted by ACCA, ICAS, AIA, ICPA and other respected organisations and publications.

2. SAVE TIME. Using your App saves you so much time communicating with your clients and prospects. It also allows them to save time by giving them information at their fingertips that they would otherwise have to phone you for.

3. RAPID ROI. The low cost of creating a bespoke App for your firm, in your branding and with your exclusive content, means that you’ll quickly recover its initial cost from new business generated.

4. COMPETITIVE PRICE. We have deliberately priced the App at easily affordable rates. There are 3 levels but prices start from as little as £649 + VAT.

A powerful differentiator

But the most compelling reason why you should commission an App for your firm is that it’s a differentiator. We have blogged recently on dancing to be different but not every accountant wants to do that. So by inviting your clients and prospects to download your FREE App from the Apple or Android stores, you are saying “We are different. We are modern and progressive. We make it easy to do business with us. We are technologically savvy. We know how to keep in touch with you.” After all, less than 2% of accountancy firms have yet grasped the importance of mobile technology, so the sooner you do, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of being an ‘early adopter’.

Want to find out more? Here’s what you need to do…

Simply register for one of our Free Demo sessions here or by calling us on 0800 803 0826. The Free Demo is designed to show you how and why Apps work so well for firms of accountants… we’ll explain the options available to you and what the costs are… we’ll show you ‘live’ examples of firms who have already purchased their own App from MyFirmsApp. And of course we’ll answer any questions you might have.

After that, it’s down to you.

But please remember… The time to act is now. There’s never been a better time to adopt new technology and early adopters always catch the cream. Be brave, be bold, be mobile!

derek-mitchell“We chose MyFirmsApp as we wanted to differentiate ourselves as a firm and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with clients and prospects. Along with the App, which has been created for us – we also chose a marketing pack to help us easily promote and distribute our new App. We were particularly pleased that even before we began marketing it, we had won 2 clients who had found our App and enquired through it! This has already paid for the App and we now look forward to marketing it with earnest and enjoying the results from that.”
Derek Mitchell | Taylor Viney & Marlow

Your Free 1:1 App Demo | See the App live for yourself


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