We have completed brief website research into the primary providers of Apps for accountants using Google with the search term ‘Apps for Accountants’. Looking at the four App providers there was clearly some similarity but also interestingly some very big differences, particularly around the functionality of the Apps and the price. To make this short summary useful we have tried to compare similar App models, which some providers name Gold and others Platinum. Here is what we discovered:

Mercia Tax App | £1495 and £50 Per Month

The Mercia Tax App is a well-rounded App that offers reasonable customisation including unique splash screens while the App loads. It contains key content such as tax tips, rates and calculators as well as both business and practice news. It looks like a well-finished product, with the highest price of the five providers when trying to compare like for like.

Apps4Accountants | No £ available

Whilst showing at the top of the Google search results this seems the most basic of the 5 Apps we have reviewed. There is limited information available online it is difficult to understand what this App includes or if it can be customised. Overall it looks like an entry level App that has limitations.

Tax Apps | £999 and £40 Per Month

TaxApps seem to offer a clear package for accountants looking for an App. They have open pricing on their website and there App offers the tax tips, rates and calculators we have seen from the other Apps reviewed. They cgjackets also offer App users the ability to change content on the App and provide good content on a firm and its services. At £999 it is priced between the Mercia and MyFirmsApp solution.

Tax Briefs | No £ available

POverall this App looks basic, it offers the most fundamental features such as Tax Tips, Tables and Calculators. The news seems to draw in from one standard new article rather than a firm’s blog like the myfirmsapp solution. Meaning the Apps will look incredibly similar, there is also limited customization and no price available online.

MyFirmsApp | £799 and £20 Per Month

This App appears to be the most comprehensive we have seen. Priced highly competitively it offers the tax tips, tables, calculators, important dates etc. It also integrates with a practice blog, meaning you can communicate through it. Similar to the TaxApps solution you can also update and amend the content yourself whenever you require. They also offer additional marketing support packs for firms who want help marketing to.

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