The Platinum App from just £99 per month + VAT

The Platinum App is the world’s leading accountants and bookkeeping solution, giving your business, your customers and future clients the most advanced App currently available.

Launching an App through MyFirmsApp delivers your brand with your firm’s design and key message to your user’s Smartphone, bringing you and your clients closer together. Doing so puts you in control of the App environment that simply isn’t possible any other way. That’s important because the Smartphone or tablet is used more than any other technology with over 80% of mobile time spent browsing and searching the Internet spent ‘in-App’. The App is integral to the success of your accounting or bookkeeping firm in an era of digitisation.

Launching your Platinum App will allow your firm to integrate all systems on one platform, allowing for innovative marketing and high referral generation.

5 Powerful Additional Calculators

Increased Profit

Income Tax

Dividend Verses Salary

Corporation Tax

Capital Gains Tax

GPS Mileage Tracker

Download your App

Your App users simply download your free App onto their device.

Go about your business

The App is right there ready to track every mile the user drives.

Press Start and End

The user simply presses ‘Start Trip’ when commencing a journey and then ‘End Trip’ when it is completed.

Reports and Export

The user can create a mileage report at any time. Simply press ‘Export’ and select the data and who to email it to.

Push Notification Messaging

What is Push?

Push Notifications are permission-based messages that you can send to your App users. Unlike an email, a Push Notification puts your message front-and-centre on their smartphone or tablet screen. This boosts your App engagement significantly and gives your firm an exciting and powerful new communication tool.


You can compose a Push Notification message using your secure login. It’s as simple as writing a text. Typically, Push Notifications are short messages which contain information your users will find valuable.

Schedule or send now

Smart customisation options let you choose the right time to send your Push Notifications and schedule them in advance. You can create promotions, offers, service updates and marketing campaigns, and share your recent news or blog articles in seconds.

Some of our Accountants send reminders, chase returns, share key dates and release pertinent budget info all via their App.


Once you start using Push Notification messages you can enjoy high if not staggering ‘open’ rates. Push Notifications deliver the message to the device your users have with them almost all the time, without getting stuck in an email queue or junk folder!

Photo Receipt & Expense + income Management

Get the App

Your App users simply download your free App onto their device.

Photo a Receipt

They take a photo of a receipt. The programme forces them to categorise the bill or expense they are about to photograph (i.e. Travel Expenses or Accommodation etc.). They simply click to photograph the receipt and then input any relevant data such as a receipt name or how they paid for the receipt, and then save.


From time to time the user may wish to export part or all of their receipts as an Excel file or CSV. If you wish they can send this data to you or they can send it via email to themselves or another contact.

Some of our Accountants send reminders, chase returns, share key dates and release pertinent budget info all via their App.

Optional Receipt Bank integration

Receipt Bank provide an additional service using scanning and human checking that automatically scans a receipt and imports the data directly into your accounting system. If you are a current Receipt Bank user we can build this integration into your Platinum App.junk folder!

Enhanced ‘in App’ design

Platinum enhanced ‘in App’ design

As a Platinum client you can enjoy:

  • Unique splash page design to fit your corporate identity
  • Option to add and remove home page icons
  • Optional background image on your App home page if you wish
  • Icon layout more sophisticated
  • In App design colour customisation

Complete ‘in App’ Budget Pack

3 Budget Updates

  1. A round-up of the key measures for business.
  2. A summary of the main announcements for personal and household finances.
  3. An outline of other eye-catching or headline-making issues.

Complete Budget Reporting

A comprehensive Budget Report summarising the measures announced by the Chancellor and how they affect your business and private clients. This report is written as soon as the Chancellor sits down and the report is available ‘in App’ the following day.

Autumn Statement Update

20 More Pages You Control

Areas you control

The technology has been built to enable you to add, remove, edit or amend certain sections within the App yourself via a secure portal. These are areas of the App that relate to you, your services, your team and your data. It’s incredibly intuitive to use, and means you are not at the mercy of expensive techies to make amends for you.

Receipt Bank Integration

Receipt Bank Integration

Receipt Bank is seamlessly integrated with MyFirmsApp and provides a near real time view of your accounts. Your clients can access Receipt Bank within the app and snap a photo of their invoinces and receipts. Receipt Bank then extracts the data and publishes it directly into their accounting software.

Who is it for?

Receipt Bank is used by 1,000+ firms of accountants and bookkeepers. It is a really useful tool for accountants and bookkeepers who would like to save time, offer higher value services and increase margins.

Receipt Bank gives you:

  • More hours in the day – our software does the data entry for you.
  • Improved quality and consistency of information in real time.
  • Safe, secure storage of your invoices and receipts as required by tax authorities around the world.

What you get for your investment

When you choose the Platinum Accountants’ App, you are opting for the most advanced App available from our suite. It gives you, your staff, your customers and future customer’s ground-breaking technology at their fingertips.

Platinum is the preferred solution for over 90% of clients because it includes many significant great extras, enhancements and features over the Gold package:

5 Additional Calculators
Platinum clients enjoy 5 powerful additional calculators.

GPS Mileage Tracker
Users can track, store, export and manage mileage.

Push Notification Messaging
Communicate with all your App users in seconds using Push Notifications.

Photo Receipt & Expense + income Management
‘In App’ Receipt and Expense management

Enhanced ‘In App’ design
Platinum clients enjoy enhanced ‘In App’ design customisation.

Complete ‘In App’ Budget Pack
3 budget updates, full report, Autumn statement and expert summary all available in your App.

20 more pages you control
Platinum customers enjoy 20 additional pages of content that you can manage and control.

Secure Login to the App
You login via the secure portal to access your content.

Receipt Bank Integration
Platinum Apps come fully enabled with Receipt Bank Integration.

Customised Icons and Bespoke Links
The Platinum App has the ability to become the critical interface between you, your clients and your systems.

Extended Team and Location Profiles
Platinum benefits from up to 40 team profiles and up to 10 location profiles / office locations.

Intelligent QR Code
This clever code will recognise the device type (when scanned using a smartphone or tablet) and direct the user to the appropriate App store.

GPS Mileage Tracking and Management

When it comes to managing expenses on the move, half the battle is keeping an accurate tab on your mileage. So our techies developed the built-in Mileage Tracker to help solve this common problem.

Your App can automatically track your users’ business miles and help them record and log every trip at the touch of a button. It will also help them manage the mileage, storing information and allowing them to view, edit or export the log as a CSV file with ease.

GPS Mileage Tracker

Send messages to all your App users quickly and easily

Your App will go literally wherever the user takes their Smartphone or tablet (From bedroom, to boardroom and ballroom to bathroom). This creates an opportunity for client engagement and prospecting that’s worth leveraging.

For example a Push Notification (a message sent via the App to all your App users) will generate on average a 97% open rate. By comparison, an email will generate an open rate of 4% if you are lucky.

Let’s put that another way… Push Notifications are easy to write, take seconds to send and generate a 97% higher open rate than emails! That means the next time you want to send your clients and prospects a message, you can do it all in less than a minute, and you know it’s going to be read whether it’s year-end reminders to important budget information, financial or practice news.

Many of our clients re-name these ‘Push Notifications’ as ‘Wealth Alerts’ being able to advise users rapidly, easily and effectively.

Customised Icons and Bespoke links added

The Platinum Accountants’ and Bookkeepers App offers you a bespoke environment in which you can create your own App that best reflects your firm. For example, on the App home page you can customise it by adding new icons that link to your current customer portal or secure document exchange login. Alternatively, you can add icons that link to Dropbox, Cloud Accounting or other 3rd party sites.








Hosted Accountants




Virtual Cabinet

IRIS OpenSpace



Save hours with Photo Receipt Management

Thanks to your Platinum App, your clients will never lose a receipt again! The App enables your users to track receipts and expenses at the touch of a button. With minimal effort, users can photograph a receipt and save it to the App. Additional information can be added and receipts stored by category, amount and date.

Once the receipt is stored, at pre-agreed intervals the user can press ‘email your accountant’ and it will send the receipt file (as a csv.) to a pre-agreed email address with an auto-populated subject line for ease of filing and reference.

Latest financial news automatically updated on your App

Platinum clients can also enjoy the latest financial news that automatically feeds into your App in real time. That means your users get the latest, important financial news on your App on their Smartphone or Tablet, with no effort or work required from you, whatsoever.

Real time tracking of precious metal prices

The Precious Metal Tracker enables your App users to view the very latest ‘real time’ prices of metals. Displaying gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices, this tool was developed after many requests from App users. It enables investors to track important data via your App from anywhere in the world. What’s more, as you have to pay for almost all other metal tracker Apps (at least the good ones) your users will see this as great added value.

Skype integration

If you already use Skype then you will immediately see how powerful this feature is. If you are new to Skype you’ll quickly realise it’s well worth looking at.

When we build your App we embed your Skype ID or even the telephone number you want people to call using Skype. When your end user clicks on your Skype logo on the App it will then initiate the call via the Skype App rather than a native phone call.

Platinum Accountants and Bookkeepers App