The CPA Mobile App story unfolds in America

For over 30 years our business (Insight Marketing International Limited) has been helping CPA’s, bookkeepers and financial service firms grow (salesforaccountants). During a 2012 management meeting a new idea was conceived: the CPA App. After months of research, design, development and planning, the MyFirmsApp™ solution was launched in the UK in January 2013.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength.

Over 15% of UK CPA’s use our demonstration App, and hundreds of these CPA firms have purchased a branded version for their firm. Today, with over 100,000 end users, the App is the most used, endorsed and accredited CPA/Accountants App in the world.

It is supported by almost all of the international professional bodies such as ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW and AiA along with some of the international networks such as 2020. As the product expands into the American market we will seek similar accreditations with the likes of AICPA.

Thanks to end user feedback the App has grown to become the critical interface for hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers. It’s the link between their firm, their customers (and future clients) and their systems (Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, NetSuite, Wave, Freshbooks, Receipt Bank, Traverse, Yendo, Red Wing, Software, FreeAgent etc.)

Now, this proven, tried and tested technology is available in America. The technology has been granted international approval by both Apple and Android.

MyFirmsApp™ prepares to launch its American CPA & Bookkeepers App

In recent months we have seen significant and growing interest from overseas markets, in particular America.

The American App will replicate its successful UK brother, and include all of the most popular features such as the mileage tracker, income and expense management, push notifications etc.

  • Pricing – the CPA App is available now with a 20% discount to launch partners – meaning rather than pay £200 per month you pay just £160 per month.

Early Adopters wanted

In the UK we launched the App thanks to the help, support, advice and feedback of our early adopters. These CPA’s could see the power of this software and wanted to benefit from being one of the very first to launch their own CPA App. As an early adopter you can also help shape the future of this technology in America whilst enjoying a significant financial saving.

As part of the agreement we expect beta testers to:

  • Gain anecdotal feedback from end users of your App (your customers and potential customers)
  • Recommend at least 1 other potential firm (so that we can work with likeminded individuals)
  • Suggest ways to improve the App in the future
  • Put forward one or two ideas to promote the CPA App in America
  • If you are delighted with the product and tangible benefits can been seen, we would like you to write a short testimonial on your experience of working with MyFirmsApp™

In exchange, beta testers will benefit from:

  • Being one of the very first CPA’s in America to launch an App
  • Benefit from a heavily discounted App purchase price – with 20% discount for early adopters – please note this offer is available for a limited time only.
  • Partnership relationship to help shape the future of your App
  • A fantastic tool to differentiate your firm from others
  • Free PR online and in print for all early adopters, as happened in the UK.

For further information on becoming a launch parter simply fill in the form below


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