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Once designs are signed off and passed to the development team, your App will be built to your exact specification as approved below before being submitted to both App stores. There is no further process involving approval of the App in any form once signed off at this stage, so please make sure the full team are happy with the design as changes after the app goes live will incur a resubmission fee for Apple and Google.

This page acts like a form. Once you have provided feedback please ensure your email address is filled in at the bottom of the page and click 'Submit Your Feeback'. If at any point you need any help please feel free to get in touch with out Customer Care team on 0800 011 9196.

An explanation to your designs using My Firms App as an example

App icon

All of the buttons you can see in this iPhone are icons. Your icon will be displayed on your users smartphone or tablet; they can then click on your icon in order to load the App on their device.

Apple automatically applies a slight reflection on icons – we have no control over this.

Splash screen

If you are used to using Apps then you may be familiar with the splash screen. This loads the first time you load the App for a few seconds to visually draw the user into the App. They will not display again unless the user completely closes the App. Recurring visitors will go directly to your homepage.

Some users don’t realise that simply coming off that App does not close it. It is in fact running in the background using up battery and memory on the device. Read these blogs to see how to close Apps on Apple or Android device.

Home page

As the name suggests this is the home of your App. As it’s the home page it does not require the black navigation bar at the bottom of the App that third level pages have like the calculators page.

Your home page will have the relevant icons for the package you have purchased. Our designer has selected the icon set below that they feel best fits with your branding. The icons may display differently across various devices and may require some degree of scrolling up and down depending on the device.

How we help

This is the section in the App that you update with your firms content along with your ‘Meet the Team’ section. Adding content is very simple, for busy firms we do offer a content adding service for a small additional charge.

Pauline will provide you with your login into the data store in due course so you can add your content in time for your App going live.

App icon

Please see opposite your App icon. This will appear in the App stores next to your App’s name. When downloaded onto a device your App’s name will appear below it. See the example device image at the top of the page for examples.

App icon approval...

Splash pages

Please see opposite your unique splash page design. If you have any alterations, suggestions or ideas let us know using the comments box.

Portrait splash page approval...

Landscape splash page approval...

Home page icons and functionality explained...

Solutions For You
Links to to information about your practice that you populate
Links to the Calculators page
Tax Tables
Links to Tax Tables page
Receipt Manager
Links to the Receipt Manager in App and Receipt Bank if you use it
News & Offers
Links to your blog
Meet the Team
Links to your team page that you populate
Contact us
Links to your contact page
Links to your current website
App Reviews
Links to the relevant store for users to rate your App

Icon labels

The text chosen for your homepage icons has been carefully developed over many months of testing and is strongly recommended. If for whatever reason you insist on changing the wording please specify this in the comments section, as a fee is applied to wording changed after the designs are signed off.

Additional icons

During this design stage you are welcome to specify additional icons you may wish to see in your designs at this stage. For example, you might want a home page icon, which is a to a secure document exchange system that you use etc.

Future amends

Once you have approved the icon set and wording, this will be used when we develop your new App. Once the App is live, amends will require a re-submission of your App to the app stores, which carries a resubmission fee of £125 + vat. Where applicable a small design fee may be quoted depending on the extent of the changes.

Your App Home page

Please note if on your home page design you have a background image (as some Platinum and Bespoke Apps allow) the way this displays will be different in many cases that the appearance of your design. This is due to the varying screen sizes across the thousands of different devices that MyFirmsApp platform operates on. As the device screen sizes changes from say a tablet to a smaller mobile device the splashpage needs to expand on contract and in different resolutions (retina displays for example). The background will automatically expand to best fill the area available which may result in a different experience to your signed off designs.

Portrait home page approval...

Landscape home page approval...

How we help

This is the section in the App that you update with your content.

Portrait page approval...

Landscape page approval...

Meet the team

Please see opposite an example of how your content will appear in App.

Portrait page approval...

Landscape page approval...


Please see below the layout of the calculators page and how it will appear in App.

Portrait page approval...

Landscape page approval...

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