The Apple Watch

With the release of the Apple Watch this month, we thought it would be exciting to write a short blog post about integration of the App with the Apple Watch.

Working with My Firms App means you not only benefit now but also protect your firm and clients for the future.

Naturally, we have our Apple Watch on order and once it arrives our technical team will get busy working out what is possible in linking elements of your App to the Apple Watch.

A secondary display

It may be helpful to think of the Apple Watch not as a second phone or device but more like a secondary display for your App. The watch lends itself to the rapid display of key data rather than large amounts of content.

We currently envisage certain parts of your primary App displaying or being drawn into the Apple Watch. Which parts and how this might work is currently under review.

You can test drive the only approved, accredited and endorsed Accountants App here for free.

As always, we will keep you updated of our progress.

Warm regards

Joel Oliver | MD | My Firms App


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