Are Apps a Gimmick or a Solid Commercial Tool?

Running 6th August | 11:00 – 11:45 BST

Smartphones, Tablets and Apps are everywhere. But then so is grass, and that doesn’t mean we all suddenly sell lawn mowers.

So are Apps just a gimmick? Are they a fad that’s simply going to die out?

Or is there evidence for Apps being a solid commercial tool? Do they really live up to all the marketing hype?

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Attend our webinar and discover the truth for yourself

This new webinar has been carefully developed for professional firms – Accountants, Solicitors, IFA’s and Financial Planners.

During this live 30 minute session we will explore:

  • Do Apps really work?
  • What’s the point of launching one?
  • Are they a vanity project or gimmick just waiting to die out?
  • What might make an App attractive to your clients?
  • Who is really going to use your App?

Based on hard facts and compelling evidence

None of what we will share is theory, it’s all based on hard facts and compelling evidence.

Register here for 11:00 am session

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