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At the end of 2012 there were over 830m smartphone and tablet users. With over half of us relying on our smartphones to browse the Internet, we love our gadgets! It’s all about performing normal tasks faster and with less effort. And for many of your clients and prospects that includes accountancy.

There is an ‘App’ for that, and if you choose to embrace it, launching your own App you can enjoy many benefits including increased efficiency and client retention.

In fact it’s such an important part a modern firms toolkit that ACCA, ICAS and ICPA all promote it.

Recent firms to work with MyFirmsApp and have their own App approved by Apple and Android are Unity Partners LLP, Thoburn & Chapman, Alexander & Co and Tayabali Tomlin

With such a clear commercial case for App technology, and with such strong user reviews what is the alternative?

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The Alternative

A mobile website. When you listen to this free video you will hear the benefits of a mobile website V an App. You will discover what mobile visitors are looking for, and the difference between an App and a mobile site.

Mobile users expect different things

There’s no doubt that mobile users are becoming savvier – and recognize immediately if a site isn’t ‘mobile-optimised’. It loads slowly and navigation is a nightmare. Do you think they’ll hang around waiting for it to load? No chance! They’ll be off to the next site.

Mobile users want information FAST. And now, you can give them exactly what they need without the added expense of re-writing and configuring your existing site. Your new mobile website focuses on the information mobile users want to read about your practice – immediately – and ensures your accountancy firm stands out from the crowd and reaches out to this growing audience in an effective way.

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