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What do you visualise when you hear the word App?

It isn’t that long ago that your mind would have been blank but now, we are told, there is an App for everything. From weather to games to TV on the go, not only has the word entered the Oxford English Dictionary, but the OED itself also has an App.

Still, there is the lingering belief, particularly amongst some of the older, more established professions (accountants, legal firms, IFAs and IFPs) that Apps are, much like the abbreviation the word itself is, a small version of something and therefore not quite as powerful as the big version, or an expense not worth incurring. Or perhaps that Apps are not relevant to their business. Not so.

At the end of 2012 there were over 830 million Smartphone and tablet users with App users spending an average of 81 minutes a days using Apps and two thirds of them using their favourite App at least once a day. In February 2015 ‘in App’ searching overtook Google!

Simply ignoring the vast potential of Apps for your firm is to allow your competitors to steal a technological march over you and poach your clients while signing contracts with businesses that could be yours.

The beauty of an App is that it can unlock the potential of your firm whether you are a sole practitioner or a larger firm nipping at the heels of the main industry players. If ever there was the perfect opportunity for you to show that you have the best and most cost effective service around it is through the use of Apps. Showing that you are ahead of the game in launching an App is an easy way to boost your firm’s reputation without spending a fortune.


MyFirmsApp - Saves Time
It takes minimal time to set up and will start working for you immediately. The right App for your firm serves a multitude of purposes. It simplifies the channel of communication and improves interaction between you and your clients and can provide them with tools and information that will help them, which is not only a practical benefit for them but also a reputational benefit for your firm.

The App helps strengthen your relationships with clients and is a low cost way of marketing and adding value to your business.

You can be sure that unlocking the potential of Apps will be on your competitors’ radar, so it is absolutely crucial to make sure that, even if you haven’t done it first, you do it better. If your App is the same as everybody else’s it will soon be counterproductive.


The bespoke nature of Apps means that depending on budget, you can do anything, from giving clients tax tables and timelines, calculators, currency converters and diagnostic tools to help with devising business strategy, to firm blogs, industry news, links to Facebook and Twitter, practice changes and key information that your clients and potential clients-to-be need to know. They will be able to check and plan finance on the move, from anywhere in the world and you can make sure they are notified of upcoming deadlines automatically.

And unlike many other developments in your practice, it’s easy to let your clients know about your App, by simply embedding a smart code into your website which will recognise that a mobile device is browsing it and prompt it to download your free App.

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So don’t wait for someone else to get there first. Apps are here to stay, and the right one will help transform your organisation into an even more successful business.


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