Should your firm give away the ATO App?


Is it a bad idea to give away the ATO App?

Few would doubt that the profession is changing, globally. Over recent months we have been reflecting on the change in the accountancy profession in Australia. We have read scores of blog posts, LinkedIn articles, news stories and feedback from accountants. Our team of market watchers have scoured books, reports, and the latest views from ‘thought leaders’ around the world.

The result? Not only in Australia, but around the world, we can see that accountancy firms are unwittingly giving away control of their client databases to Cloud Accounting companies. They think it’s OK to suggest to their clients that they should load the latest App from Xero or MYOB onto their Smartphones when the only likely result is a tightening of the relationship between the software company and the client. From there, it won’t take much for accountants to be cut out of the loop completely, especially for smaller businesses and simple tax return/statutory accounts work.

In Australia, there is an additional, perhaps more threatening layer of change occurring with the introduction of the ATO App.

Launch your own App to distance the ATO from your clients

By putting accountants first, MyFirmsApp is helping professional accounting firms in Australia maintain a strong client relationship; launching their own Custom App. By incorporating those Cloud Accounting login portals in your App, you will make sure that your clients see you as the main link between them, the principal software accounting companies and the ATO. In effect, cutting ATO out of the relationship.

Your clients and contacts will see your brand, your designs and your key messages every time they use your App. Building these portals into your App creates a more secure service and provides the opportunity for Australian accounting firms like yours to protect your clients and yourselves from third parties and the accounting software giants.

The Australian Accountants App is unique in several important ways. It comes with 24/7 support, a price match guarantee and it is the only App in Australia that gives accountants the choice; either use the integrated ATO app as part of the package or as most prefer have all tax tables calculators and budget dates included.


A brilliant way to maintain and win new business

Better still, by bringing your systems together in one App and giving your clients a customised platform to interact with, MyFirmsApp creates a financial App solution you can show to clients, contacts and prospects as a brilliant way to maintain and win new business.

Register for your 1:1 App demonstration and you will hear reaction from Australian accounting and bookkeeping firms many of whom you will likely know who have launched their own App using the My Firms App advanced Transform Platform™.

  • What does the App do for me and my firm? According to a recent Syscap report, the number one issue for accountants is finding a way to attract high quality new clients in volumes that can be managed. Most firms’ new client acquisition barely covers the loss of clients through attrition.

Your Custom App:

  • Helps you to win quality new clients without you having to work harder or longer.
  • Generates positive word of mouth and referrals.
  • The App differentiates your firm immediately. Less than 1% of Australians have an App. Having your own Custom App makes your intangible service tangible instantly.
  • For time strapped firms, the App is an unique marketing tool that enables, through Smartphone Detection on your website, push notifications, email templates, tailored content, the implementation of easier, quicker and cheaper sales and marketing campaigns with proven return on investment. You don’t have to do more to win more clients.
  • Self-funds by replacing traditional and costly marketing tools such as newsletters and tax rates cards that customers generally don’t keep.
  • Only App that is fully endorsed, compliant with and promoted by industry professional bodies.

Endorsed by the world’s leading accountancy body

The MyFirmsApp platform is not only being used by over 900 firms and 200,000 end-users globally it’s also been tried, tested and endorsed by the world’s leading accountancy body, ICAEW, and promoted or recommended by ACCA, CIMA, ICAS, ICPA and networks such as 2020, Kreston Reeves, INPACT etc.

How does it work? Register here for a free Full Feature Trial and we will show you how an App will benefit your firm in less than 15 minutes.

From the comfort and convenience of your own office, we will show you how an App will:

  • Protect your clients
  • Save time and money
  • Differentiate your firm
  • Generate referrals
  • Improve your marketing
  • Integrate your online systems

Contact our Australian office: 02 8015 5480.


The App will certainly transform the way in which we communicate with our clients. Email communication can often be lost in this day and age of swelling mailboxes; the App ensures we can deliver concise and relevant information, straight to their smart phone. More and more clients are performing accounting and tax functions using a mobile device, and the software vendors themselves are spending significant resources developing their mobile Apps. Our new App can blend with this and form a neat connection between the client, their accounting software and their advisors.

Stuart Brandman, Director at 542 Partners

Thomas Service Holdings Pty Ltd