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When you see the App today, you will discover why it’s the only compliant and approved App loved by over 1,000 customers from multiple countries, who trust us to connect their firm to over 200,000 of their clients using a custom App.

Questions answered

Of course you will have questions, for most of us this technology is new; you’ll want to see what it can do for your firm. How clients will engage with this technology and what meaningful results an App can bring.

And that’s why, as part of your free download pack, you will benefit from:

A link to a trial App for you to explore, delivered immediately into your inbox

Personal walkthrough of the App by phone with Q&A session

Plus, a copy of the new 38-page eBook ‘Lighthouse in the digital fog’ with our compliments

“There is no other platform which provides such a personal and direct method to connect to your key stakeholders.”

Justin Mays | Global Head of Research and Development | MyFirmsApp™

An App will deliver high business value and makes so much sense. For your practice, your custom App presence will:

Connect you

And secure your firm as a visible part of your client and staffs’ mobile world - their chosen method of engagement where they spend 90% of their online time.

Remove the threat of technology

Disruption, innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and ‘digital getting messy’ are all challenges. Your App puts you in control and removes the possible threat and fear these changes can create.

Free up time

Through automated efficiency improvements the App will save time, money and resources whilst streamlining communication and putting everything in one place for your users.

Provide a rapid ROI

The App has been carefully designed and is intended to be a self-funding tool that generates a rapid ROI.

Respond to ATO changes

As the ATO continues to rollout its plans for ‘Digital by Default', your App will help your firm respond to the recent changes and prepare your firm for future digital developments. As data will be gathered digitally, an App will become the natural tool.

Fun and Enjoyable

At MyFirmsApp we do what we do because we love it; it’s not a job or a chore, it’s a choice. We enjoy using technology and take pride in putting accountants first - and creating your App will be a fun, enjoyable experience.

For your clients and staff the App will become a valuable tool they return to regularly and here's why:

Manage Receipts & Income

Your users can photograph receipts and manage income, saving them time, lost expenses and removing a big admin burden.

Everything in one place

Instead of having multiple Apps, being forced to remember different system login pages and going to other 3rd party sites, finally everything is in one place; your App – and all in your branding.

Answers available in-App

Get the latest tax rates and key tax dates, and use the powerful in-App calculators to help with basic day to day queries – from ‘PAYG Withholding’ to ‘Super Salary Sacrifice’ and ‘GST’ calculators, it’s all there in-App.

Always updated approved content

The world’s most used App technology for accountants, with approved tax data and proven tools, meaning your App is current, up to date and always relevant.

ATO access

Your App will help prepare your clients for the ATO changes and ‘digital by default' by bringing them up to speed with this current technology and exchanging data (income and expenses) via the App.


Track mileage on-the-go and never loose a business trip again, thanks to the in-built Logbook using the very latest GPS technology.