Discover how leading firms use mobile Apps to: Boost productivity & generate a great ROI

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A new way of working has evolved – see it live

We probably all accept that the old, traditional ways of running an accountancy practice and engaging with customers has changed. A new way of working has evolved, and on this web event you’ll see how leading accountancy firms have responded using a mobile App for their practice. This Web Event is designed to take a close look at what they’re doing, revealing a proven blueprint for your firm.

Attend and you will discover:

  • Where we are today (accountants & technology)
  • The changing expectation from today’s clients and how this affects relationships
  • Why 83% of firms believe understanding tech is as important as understanding accountancy – and its impact.
  • HMRC and government-led digitalisation
  • How leading accountancy firms have responded using mobile and are generating a great ROI
  • Thought leadership comments from 4 global household names
  • What’s next – a glimpse of the next 24 months
  • Live Q&A

Comments from recent Web Event Delegates

“We are now very firmly in the ‘age of connection’. MyFirmsApp are now enhancing that at an amazing level, which is why so many of the clients I serve are using these processes – specifically to connect. Of course I recommend the App; I’ve got to see my data, I’ve got to be connected with you – it needs to be right there and that’s what the App does. You’re giving clients access to their information and other things they might need to do a better job and, importantly, to stay more connected to you – great for developing client loyalty. It’s a brilliant way of using technology to connect. The feedback is always ‘I love it.’ People are inspired. Just do it – you will be so thrilled that you did.”

Paul Dunn | B1G1

“The App will certainly transform the way in which we communicate with our clients. Email communication can often be lost in this day and age of swelling mailboxes; the App ensures we can deliver concise and relevant information, straight to their smart phone. More and more clients are performing accounting and tax functions using a mobile device, and the software vendors themselves are spending significant resources developing their mobile Apps. Our new App can blend with this and form a neat connection between the client, their accounting software and their advisors.”

Stuart Brandman | Director – 542 Partners

“I have an admission to make… I really didn’t “get” apps for accountants. But then I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar where David Oliver explained with crystal clarity why it is essential for accountants to feature prominently on the mobile phones in their clients’ and prospects’ pockets. And now I am completely convinced. I was also really excited by the potential of the advanced push notification technology built into the MyFirmsApp to put relevant, timely and targeted messages into clients’ hands. And it seems to me that every single accountant who wants to remain relevant must take this kind of technology really seriously.”

Steve Pipe | Speaker, strategist and Amazon 5 star rated business author


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David Oliver

David Oliver |

David is a senior executive of MyFirmsApp and author of 14 books, including Sunday Times titles in 29 languages. He has spoken to over 300,000 delegates worldwide and has been described as a ‘prophetic voice’ in the legal and accounting world.

David’s passion is to ‘Make Business Life Better’ for every professional firm, their clients and their staff. Whether they are Top 100 firms or owner-managed local firms, his motivating and inspiring style empowers legal professionals to understand how the latest technology can help them build irreplaceable, long-term relationships with their clients and prospective customers.

His focus, always, is to put your firm first by making business growth and client retention affordable, achievable and even enjoyable!