Caplan Associates use MyFirmsApp

Caplan Associates are a quality, proactive firm of accountants in Hertfordshire. They looked carefully at the App available from and could see immediately that it was an easy commercial decision. The most advanced App available for accountants available for less than any of the closest competitors.

  • Caplan Associates App Splash Page
  • Caplan Associates App Home Page
  • Caplan Associates App Calculators
  • Caplan Associates App Tax Tables

Above you can see just one or two examples of the Caplan Tax App. Featuring bespoke splashpage, customised theme, colour, logo and branding. It’s complete with incredibly useful tools and information for the end user. What’s more it also integrates with the Caplan Blog. This means each time they write a blog article the App is automatically updated. No extra work, no additional buttons to click, its fully automated.

Now that opens up a world of possibilities for Philip Caplan and his team. At a basic level it enables Caplan to use the App to communicate through. It also means that Caplan can blog rather than send tired and expensive email shots. Saving them time and money, improving their reputation and also increasing the visibility of their website. That’s a lot of benefits for a very small investment.

New App for Accountants


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