Email Templates

Below are some email templates we have put together to send to your team, stakeholders and external providers that are involved in your App.

Internal Emails | Plain Text emails to send to internal staff

To send to all your team, stakeholders and any external providers that may be involved in the App such as marketing agents.


Email One

Subject line: We are building an App for our clients

Dear X,

We’re delighted to announce that we are going to design and launch an App (available for free from the Apple and Android stores) for our customers and potential clients. We are proud to have appointed MyFirmsApp to develop this for us. They are the world’s leading supplier of Apps for professional firms – you can download a demonstration version of the App here or read more online here.

We know that there are significant benefits to getting everyone interacting with the App daily and on-boarding clients; especially with new clients as we can get them to download the App on arrival, fill out their details using the client forms and begin using the tool for all finance needs. This process also streamlines our data collection and improves efficiency in line with the forward-thinking direction we are moving as a firm. They can also amend their details in the App and this update is then picked up straight away by us, saving any unnecessary meetings.

It’s also seen as a key for us to communicate with clients, reaching out to them wherever they are and making sure we remain connected. We are positioning ourselves as a modern, technological firm in what is an increasingly digitised world, and we need everyone to use this App to ensure we get the best return, maximise new opportunities and help prepare for digital reporting.

Ultimately the App will become the centralised hub for clients to interact, view tax data and calculators, access software logins and to communicate. One App, One Place, and in Our Brand.

Key features of our App will include:

  • A powerful suite of tax calculators to help with a range of financial decisions
  • The very latest tax tables and rates
  • GPS Mileage Tracking and management
  • Photograph receipts and track expenses on-the-go
  • Cloud Accounting portal integration
  • Personalised client communication with push messaging

Key data includes:

  • Stream the very latest real-time finance news
  • Up-to-date Budget news and reaction
  • Latest market data and share prices
  • Real-time price of metals

Of course, we will keep you updated as the project progresses.

Many thanks,


Email Two

Subject line: The launch of our new App!

Dear X,

We’re delighted to announce the release of our brand-new App; if you need a reminder of what it does you can view that here.

We see this as an incredible landmark for us as a business, our clients and potential clients. We will send out a 3rd and final email in approximately 1 weeks’ time but for now there are a few important things I would really appreciate you doing:

  1. Download the App yourself here - please register and allow push messages
  2. Have a play with the App and try it for yourself – if you have any comments please share them with me
  3. If you like it, please take a few seconds to place a positive review on the App store - this will really help us with the App ranking on Apple and Android.

It’s important that you, and our clients, have push notifications enabled to receive the latest reminders and news from us. We can also send internal messages regarding staff meetings and events etc. I’ve included some steps below to help you check this, and to help clients if they ever ask – if you require screenshots you can view the steps online here.

  1. Tap the Settings app to open it
  2. Tap Notifications
  3. On this screen, you'll see all the apps installed on your phone that support push. Settings for each app are managed separately, so find our app and tap it

We highly recommend you download, familiarise and use the tools that our clients are going to be interacting with daily. This includes all the latest tax content, income and expense management tools, finance data, powerful calculators, cloud accounting logins and document exchange portals - all branded in our designs and logo.

The App is our new go-to-tool to save us time, and to answer clients’ tax questions on a day-to-day basis. With everything consolidated in one portal, it’s all our clients will need.

Many thanks,


Email Three

To send one or two weeks after your App is live

Subject line: How to get the most from our App

Dear X,

I wanted to send you this final email to outline how to leverage the App and how to help our clients get the most from the tool.

Share with clients

Please do make sure that whenever we meet clients face-to-face in scheduled meetings, that we help them to download the App and that they leave the office ready to use the features, have signed up with their contact details, and are ready to pass on to friends, colleagues and potential clients.

We want clients to be passionate about having this tool in their pocket everywhere they go, being able to receive to-the-minute reminders for their tax situation, and we have the answer to that and more!

If they are tech savvy and like the App, do get them to add a review on the App store; other clients using the MyFirmsApp platform have had comments like:

"I love it. The App works really well for us. It’s great to show clients – it has a whole host of tools for them to access straight away, and they don’t have to keep asking us all the time. It’s also always kept up-to-date with tax calculations. I find the App is a handy tool internally as well; whether we’re out and about seeing a client or demonstrating it, it saves us having to bring up different software. We also use it to drive traffic to the website and social media channels.”

“I asked one of our clients where his bank statements are and how he is managing his banking on his computer? He looked and said: ‘I just do it all on my phone’ This is the reason an App is so useful for any accounting firm!”

Any events/seminars that we appear at, encourage everyone in attendance to get their phones out and download the App. Share some of the key features with them there and then, and hopefully see the downloads rocket!


We will be looking to adapt business cards to suit our current style, including the App QR code. Always make sure you have plenty copies with you when out on business, networking events, and make sure to pass them on to local bank managers, business centres and other local contacts and business owners.

Amazing stories and inspiration

A bank manager used the Loan Calculator when sat down with business owners in a meeting and their reaction was ‘wow – this is awesome.’ The pull of the calculator, and many others all in one App, impressed them so much that they then contacted Limelight on the back of the meeting, and the firm have themselves some new clients.

Australian firm Peak Partnership launched the App at the movies. They booked out a theatre at the 16-cinema complex in the shopping centre opposite their building. They invited 150 clients to a client movie night to watch a preview of the new James Bond film the night before it was released in Australia. Damian, the owner, spoke to all clients first (dressed in Bond suit attire) then they played their app animation video on the big screen as part of the intro before the main film. They placed a flyer on every seat with the QR code on for clients to download, and saw the download figures rise the next day.

Another Accountant, Elizabeth Sanders, showed the App to everyone at the next Entrepreneur’s Circle meeting. They were very complimentary and everyone downloaded it immediately – something which helped her win the Entrepreneur of the Month Award.

LinkedIn promotion

Share updates that link back to our web page for the App, connect with clients and potential business clients, and send a personalised messaging thanking them for the connection with a link to check out the new App.

Warm regards