A simple way to differentiate your firm – without dancing!

When we last posted about ‘The Dancing Accountant’ back in 2013, a few hundred people had viewed his videos. Now that number has exploded and thousands of us have clicked ‘play’ and laughed, winced or screwed up our face at his antics.

From waterfalls, libraries and even banks – he has found a way to differentiate himself: he has gone out there and really stands out.

Frankly, we love it. Anything to shake up the profession, get a reaction and thrash the stereotypical view is great news.

But let’s be completely honest… Not all of us have the confidence to promote ourselves in public – and certainly not by dancing to ABBA!

But what if there was a simpler way? What if there was a way you could stand out in a simple, neat, low cost, and very professional way?



Less than 3% of accountants have an App

Arguably, we have entered the most exciting and potentially profitable digital revolution in the last 10 years. ‘Mobile’ is here to stay. The only question is – are you ‘IN’ or are you ’OUT’?

The vast majority of your customers and future customers are using Apps as part of their daily lives. So doesn’t it make great sense for your firm to give them a really useful App? By choosing the unique MyFirmsApp™ blueprint, you can launch a powerful App quickly and easily. It will become the critical interface between your firm, your clients/prospects and the systems you use.

Launching your own App will immediately differentiate your firm – without having to dance!




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