MyFirmsApp - Duvet Days

An overview of how they work

Culture, Motivation and Reasoning

MyFirmsApp has a desire to build and foster a culture where individuals work for the business out of choice and together we work towards building work environment where people say ‘I love the vibe, the people and working here’. And together, by managing our attitudes, behavior and work rate we can help contribute towards and foster this culture.

Making MyFirmsApp an awesome place to be.

As an organisation we are fast moving, highly dynamic, change things at short notice and sprint a lot of the time. Working in such a dynamic, fast paced business creates significant opportunity to learn, to develop and to further our careers. It also means that everyone in the business gets asked to go the extra mile, to go beyond the call of duty and to ‘smash it’ in their area of the company and in a way only they can.

As part of this, we want all staff members to understand that the business appreciates them, appreciates their efforts (not always individually recognised or praised due to our size and fast pace of growth) and that the business likes to give back in any way it can – one of these is Duvet Days.

Providing high performing, on target staff with 1 per quarter to take at the supervisor’s discretion.

The reasoning?

It’s a cool, fun, thank you from MyFirmsApp via a supervisor to you for your hard work and dedication. They are a gift not an entitlement, they are something that we reserve the right to give and to withhold and they are at the discretion of a supervisor.

Its also worth appreciating that whilst this is at an individual level a gesture, at a company level with 40 + staff its over 150 + paid for days a huge investment of money and management (as these days have to be factored into workflow and every single one of them managed)


Like anything, good things can be ruined if they are used in the wrong way! A duvet day is not something an individual can take without approval, and they are something that the supervisor has the full right to withhold.

If you don’t have approval, and you decide to take a Duvet Day this would be treated as gross misconduct and a deliberate act to go against the culture of the business, the authority of the supervisor and the spirit of the Duvet Day and formal action would be swiftly taken.

Timing Approval must be granted in advance

You must approach your supervisor in advance and have confirmation from them by email. Any confirmation may be subject to change should something change between the Duvet Day being granted and the date of your Duvet Day.

  • Up to 3 days in advance
  • No Later than 1 full working day before
  • No earlier than 1 full working week before
  • Not to be taken in the last week of a month

If your supervisor is off?

Your supervisor is the only person who can approve a Duvet Day if they are off on holiday you cannot request a duvet day.


Your supervisor is the only person who can approve a Duvet Day and they can only do so if you are performing at a high level in your role – in addition they can only approve it if the following is true:

  • You have passed your probation
  • You are not undergoing any disciplinary action i.e. a verbal or formal warning
  • You are on target (either a sales target, performance target, or fully on top of workflow)
  • You have no fixed commitments in your diary either internal i.e. a staff meeting or external i.e. a call in your diary

Please note there are lots of other variable factors that a supervisor has to consider, even if the above points are met.

For example who else is off, the workload of the company / department at the time, any specialist projects being dealt with etc. and therefore it’s the supervisors full and final decision.