Why Essex businesses choose award-winning Colchester accountants Wood & Disney

Award-winning accountancy firm Wood & Disney offer valued advice to businesses, while they adapt how they operate to suit their clients’ needs, creating a personalised service. The Accountancy & Bookkeeping App provides a platform for direct engagement with clients, and using technology in a smart way has set them apart from other chartered accountant firms.

Established since Morris Wood and Peter Disney merged in 1987, the firm has continuously grown their client base throughout the UK, with Peter and the team delivering a professional service.

They concentrate their focus on growth, profit improvement and achieving what is most important to them. This, coupled with an incredibly friendly and down-to-earth service, is exactly why Wood & Disney have won so many awards, the most recent being the Nationwide Accountancy Award for Most Innovative 2-4 Partner Firm 2015.

They strive to remain up-to-date with current tax regulations, and offer services to enable their clients to keep tax bills to a minimum and to protect their finances.

Why Colchester Accountants Wood & Disney chose the MyFirmsApp Accountancy App

Wood & Disney knew that searching for accountancy information on a Smartphone could be tricky. They wanted to make it easier for clients on the move to find the finance resources they need, and decided to create their own Accountants & Bookkeeping App.

The App acts as a critical interface that will differentiate their business and allow them to market in new, innovative ways. Clients can access their systems in one place, and this is why they are fast-approaching 2,000 end users with their Accountants App.

It is also a perfect engagement tool for interaction between client and firm, becoming a portal for key financial information, including:

Photo Receipt Manager

This tool is an efficient way for clients to store data that can be used for future accounts, while they can be exported to Wood & Disney. Clients can photograph the receipt and categorise under different sections relevant to your business and expenses:

  • Travel expenses
  • Office expenses
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Property costs
  • Electronics
  • Boarding cards

GPS Mileage Tracker

The Wood & Disney Accountants & Bookkeeping App collects and stores accurate mileage data so clients can keep track of their business miles. Enter any relevant information to accompany each logged trip, track distance and export trips via email at anytime to form part of your mileage claims.

Push Notifications

The Finance App offers efficient communication between client and firm with the push notification feature. This allows Wood & Disney to share various content, such as important news, financial updates and blogs to all App users. Clients love communicating, and this gives them the greatest reach possible.

Client portal log-ins

The Accountants App provides log-ins for clients to access the Cloud bookkeeping page of the Wood & Disney website, while the App is integrated with Cloud-based accounting systems, acting as a portal for clients to access their online accounts, including Xero and QuickBooks Online.

The successful Wood & Disney Accountants App brings client solutions together in one portal

The Wood & Disney Accountants App is available to users wherever they go, and with time-saving, integrated cloud-based software, clients can access all their systems through this portal.

It also allows for direct communication with Wood & Disney, leading clients straight into the firm, and with documentation available to clients on the go, having everything available in one place is one of the reasons why the Accountants App is the world’s leading mobile App solution in the UK and Australia.

Over half of businesses are making line-of-business Apps accessible from mobile devices. Our leading Accountants App offers you a fully compliant approved and endorsed App that has passed rigorous 3rd party assessments. With over 100,000 end-users, it’s a tried, tested and proven solution used by 26 of the top 100 accounting firms.

Register here for your free App demo. Find out how it will be customised exclusively for your firm and act as the interface between you and your clients.




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Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards |

Daniel is Head of Sales and a member of the executive team at MyFirmsApp – the global leader in Apps for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

He is passionate about helping firms maintain a key role in the always-on App environment which plays such an important part in our daily lives. He is particularly keen to raise awareness of the threats posed to accountants and bookkeepers by 3rd parties and even Government. Without a firms’ own App, it really has no way to serve within, benefit from or control the environment where so many clients and prospects now spend their time each day.

Daniel has been involved in helping professional service firms grow and make the most of new techniques, strategies and technology for over 17 years. He is considered to be a thought-leader, is a renowned speaker, and is the go-to-guy for firms and professional bodies when it comes to Apps for accountancy firms.

He has hundreds of testimonials from large and small firms alike, has presented to thousands of firms through the MyFirmsApp and Insight webinars, and regularly speaks for the professional bodies and membership organisations.

Outside work: In his early days Daniel spent most of his time mountaineering and was fortunate enough to undertake expeditions in places such as The Himalayas, Alps, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Norway and others. Now he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with his family and friends as well as being active in the leadership of a local church.