Fooks and Co App

Fooks & Co are Welsh Accountants with an App approved by Apple and Android

Founded in 1896 Fooks are now a third century accountancy firm offering 21st Century solutions. With over 180 years of experience, their team specialise in helping business to grow their profits whilst paying the correct amount of tax but no more.

The Fooks & Co App developed in conjunction with MyFirmsApp was designed to help the firm continue to provide a very high level of service to a small number of clients. Ensuring that the partners give their full attention to clients, and the App provides up to date financial dates, reminders, calculators, rates and much more all in real time, anytime.

You can download the App from the relevant store

Modern, Proactive, Advanced and Progressive

That’s just some of the things end users of the My Firms App solutions have said. In todays mobile, always on, always-connected world clients expect the facts & information whenever they want them.

That’s why Fooks & Co accountants in Wales are now offering the very latest tax App. Its free for their clients and prospects to download on any iPhone, iPad or android device. Their App offers immediate, easy access to calculators, tax tips, tax rates, tables, key dates and more. Plus important information about Fooks & Co including integration with their blog. Which means Fooks & Co accountants can communicate with all their App users at the touch of a button.

Fooks and Co Apps


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