Fooks & Co Case Study


Fooks & Co
How we have used our App to create interest in our firm

Fooks & Co is a medium sized accountancy practice with offices in Bargoed and Barry, South Wales. The practice was established in 1896 and has almost 120 years’ experience of growing businesses and offering advice.

It is Fooks & Co’s ambition to greatly expand the client base of the practice through the use of advanced information technology and to offer their particular brand of ‘Added Value Service’ to both existing and new Clients

We spoke to Fooks & Co senior partner, Dave Collins about their experiences in acquiring their App and how it has impacted their relationships with their clients.

MFA: John, you have recently upgraded your App from the Gold version to Platinum. That suggests you are happy with how the App is working for your frm. Can you explain the biggest beneft you’ve noticed?

DH: Of course. I have to say that having an App is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a practice. It has completely changed the way in which we interact with our clients. In the past, it was always difcult to fnd time to communicate with clients – apart from the time of year when accounts were due – so there was nothing that could be considered to be a ‘relationship’. And in my mind, running a relationship-based business without having any relationships was disturbing. We tried, of course, but sending newsletters and the like in the mail is hard work, expensive – and one-sided!

With the App in place we can now communicate with our clients quickly, efciently and cheaply. And it’s no longer one way! Our clients are frequent users of the App and many have phoned to congratulate us on having the initiative to create it. One of our clients – a technology company, no less – was so taken with the concept that they asked us if we could create an App for them!

So the App has created exactly what I wanted – the ability to expand the practice using technology with the added benefit of stimulating better two-way communication between us and our clients and prospects. The bonus is that it’s all happened quickly and eficiently and at such low cost.

Absolutely brilliant!