New App for Accountants

As a technologically advanced product you might be surprised to see that we offer a personal, telephone demo. Delivered by a real human! What’s more they are able to answer any questions you might have about the App, who uses it, what it does etc.

You can get your free demo in response to our clients comments, you see they said they wanted to see the App working, a demonstration of its functionality someone to take them through the App from start to Finish rather than just a QR code or a link to the Apple or Android store.
So in this free telephone demo one of our team can take you through part or all of the following:

  • The growth, facts and statistics of App users
  • Why the App has been developed and its key features
  • Other Apps available and why this App is so different
  • What it looks like and why your clients and potential clients will love it
  • How to update it and communicate through it
  • Getting the most from the App ‘Marketing made Simple’
  • FAQ

So register today here for free and discover today why so many firms are talking about this App.


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