Gascoynes launch New Year Accountants and Bookkeeping App

Chartered accountants and tax specialists Gascoynes Accountants have launched a new Finance and Tax App available on iOS and Android.

They announced the App to their clients via an email communication, which can be viewed here.

The Suffolk-based firm has used the MyFirmsApp Accountancy App solution to bring their clients systems together in one place and ensure financial information can be easily accessed through one, critical interface.

Gascoynes operate from their office in Bury St. Edmunds, and, with over 25 years of experience in finance, they have gained an excellent reputation for offering the best possible advice in tax, VAT and accounting, ensuring a high quality of service.

The firm offer first-rate accountancy services including management accounts, profit projections, cash flow forecasts and budgeting, and have decided to launch an App to create a unique user-friendly platform whereby their clients can efficiently go about their day-to-day handling of their finances and tax tables, with 24/7 access right at their fingertips. In addition, the App allows users to track income and mileage, as well as access cloud accounting through QuickBooks Online via a client portal log-in within the App system, providing great value for clients.

Protecting the brand through leading App technology

The Accounting and Bookkeeping App will allow Gascoynes to protect their brand and their clients’ future, as they launch into the App ecosystem.

The Accountancy App solution, approved by both Apple and Google and endorsed by many of the professional bodies and brands such as ICAS, CIMA, ICAEW, 2020 and ICPA, is unique to Gascoynes, customised with their designs to promote their key message and offer a unique relationship with clients to further enhance their position as a firm, and in doing so, differentiating them from their competitors.

The App includes a range of exciting tools and features to allow their clients to engage seamlessly with financial data.

The Income Tracker allows clients to manage a number of income sources in one place; logging and exporting income and expenditure efficiently. This, again, highlights the benefits of financial integration on one system within an App platform.

The Mileage Tracker tool collects and stores accurate mileage data so clients can keep track of their business miles. Clients can track distance and log and export trips via email at anytime to form part of their mileage claims.

The Gascoynes Accountants and Bookkeeping App includes 16 tax and VAT calculators, covering monthly/annual invoice totals for a rage of financial aspects for clients. The content is updated when necessary, allowing for effective financial resources as clients remain continuously up-to-date.

The accounting firm has also entered into an exciting partnership with QuickBooks Online, meaning their clients can access their cloud accounting through an online portal built into the App.

Gascoynes will assist with your tax planning, while their expertise in bookkeeping ensures they are able to reduce accountancy charges accordingly by reducing the work required in preparing your annual accounts, therefore increasing efficiency, effectiveness and income.

Download the Gascoynes Accountancy and Bookkeeping App to benefit from a unique user experience as part of a New Year give-away.

Register here for your free App demo and see how your firm can benefit from our leading App technology.


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