Ashcroft Anthony releases an App

Hedon Accountants Ashcroft Anthony releases an App for clients

It’s great to be working with firms of accountants like Ashcroft Anthony. They are a firm that embrace technology, and appreciate that reaching out in a modern manner is important. That’s in stark contrast to many accountants who seem to think that mobile technology will pass them by!

It’s an approach the firm has taken since the very earliest days of running the practice. In fact, if you load their free App their strapline is ‘Innovation is at the very heart of what we do’. And by launching their own App Ashcroft Anthony are making a bold statement to both their clients and prospects in Hendon.

Promoted online through their website

Check them out online and from the first look at their homepage you get the sense this is a modern firm who means business. Below is a screen grab of their homepage.

Ashcroft Anthony Chartered Accountnats

If you scroll down the site, you will see cleanly promoted in the footer is their new App

Ashcroft Anthony Chartered Accountnats website footer

What does the App look like?

  • Ashcroft Anthony App Splash Page
  • Ashcroft Anthony App Home Page
  • Ashcroft Anthony App Calculators Page


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