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How to generate a QR (Quick Response Barcodes) code & QR codes explained

You come to promoting something, your new App, mobile website a specific page of your site or an offer of some description. A QR code is a fantastic way to provide your readers with a quick link to your offer.

QR codes are no longer brand new, but there are still many people that don’t know how to use this great, free technology. So here is a short blog post that explains how to generate a QR code for free and what to do next.

What is a QR code?

A QR code or Quick Response Barcode is a barcode you can generate, for free, that directs your reader to a web page, your contact details, phone numbers or a vCard. Effectively they contain basic data, that your reader can scan using a smartphone and detect. Broadly speaking, they are used in a variety of places, most commonly in printed material, letters, flyers, brochures, adverts etc. So a reader can quickly scan the QR code and get the desired information in sections.


With the option for free or paid for Premium Go QR allows to you generate your code, as wells as “read” to text, so you could link to a vCard allowing readers to save your contact information

QR Stuff

A great site that enables you to generate an intelligent QR Code for free, or again upgrade to a platinum service. The good thing about QR Stuff is that you can generate one QR code to share your new App for example. Include both links to Google and Apple store and the QR code will automatically detect the smartphone of the user and direct them to the appropriate store.

You can also generate a fallback URL, so if someone is using a smartphone that’s not compatible with the App it sends them to a URL say on your website that says sorry the App is not compatible with your device.

Getting the URL of your App

A few users have emailed us trying to find the URL or link to their App in the Apple store. To find the URL to your App simply ‘right click’ on your App icon in the App store and then ‘paste’ the URL into your chosen browser or file.

Test your new QR code before circulating

Generating your first few QR codes can be a lot of fun, so do remember to ensure you check the QR code. It needs to read correctly or direct the user to the right location. The best way to do this is to read the QR code yourself from a smartphone. If you don’t have a QR reader installed a quick search for QR code reader in the relevant App store will generate a number of results for the latest QR code reader – there are plenty of good free ones to choose from.

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