How to guides

Below are some quick and useful guides to using both the Receipt Manager and Mileage Tracker

How to use the Receipt Manager

To manage your receipts you can add your details to the Receipt Manager icon.

Here is the main menu where you can select an option.

Once you have selected the Photograph Receipt icon and photographed the receipt, you are presented with populating the details of your receipt with the amount, date and payment method. Once selected you can save the receipt and move on.

To manage/export receipts you can do so under the manager receipts section and export the receipts to your accountants.

Receipt Manager

Mileage Tracker

To start recording a trip, simply click the green ‘Start Trip’ icon on the page. The App will began to track your mileage in the background. The trip will turn red.

Tap the icon again to end trip, and automatically store it. You can also manually log a trip by entering the start and end locations of the trip as well as the date(s) and duration.

Now you can click the ‘Export all Trips’ icon and then select a range of dates you would like to see the trip data for.

Mileage Tracker