Service Reviewed by the ICAEW

Kevin Salter | Partner and sits on IT faculty for ICAEW


Mobile Apps for Smartphones and tablets are here for good. They form part of our daily lives and are used to search on far more than Google! What was once considered perhaps a gimmick has now become an essential tool for clients or customers to interface with a business or accountancy practice. Of course, the App contains valuable financial data, plus great calculators and other useful in-built tools.

More than this though, your ICAEW approved App can become a valuable contact point to reach your firm and the systems you use (Xero, FreeAgent, Kashflow, Document Management, Receipt Bank, BTC Software).

So the App is becoming a “one stop shop” – where everything your client might need to access, is available.

Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand, hoping that mobile will go away. It’s here to stay and its importance is becoming more and more apparent.

Why use MyFirmsApp™?

With over 150,000 end-users, you can rest assured that our App solution has been tried, tested and proven. It’s also the only App solution to be endorsed or promoted by one or more of the professional bodies.

It is the first App ever reviewed by the ICAEW and we are proud to be a service reviewed ICAEW App having completed a gruelling review by the ICAEW IT Faculty.

So if you’re an ICAEW member, why not register for your free ICAEW App test drive and we’ll explain how you, too, can benefit from the latest App technology. Register now.

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You will discover how an App will:

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  • Immediately & effortlessly differentiate you
  • Rapidly pay for itself many times over
  • Save you hours of operational time
  • Become a tool your clients & prospects will love
  • Win new clients for you
  • Be constantly updated & managed for you

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