Back in January 2013 our team predicted that 2013 would be the year of the App for accountants; and they could not have been more accurate if they had tried. Looking back you might think it was a safe bet, but we had plenty of emails from accountants saying it was mere ‘marketing hype’.

After seeing the App for themselves, and some of the 5 star user reviews its gained ICAS wanted to promote the App to their members. They could see the strength of the offering commercially, but more importantly they could see the massive operational benefits an App can bring. Both to the accountancy practice itself but also to the end users of the App. There are lots of reasons ICAS recommend the MyFirmsApp solution but here are 2.

Blog integration

One of the features that ICAS loved was the blog integration. Simply put this transforms the App from a potentially static useful tool to a communication channel.

You see, every single time your accountancy firm posts a blog article (if your not yet using a blog we can help with that as well) your App is immediately updated. That opens up an entire world of opportunities to your firm.

MyFirmsApp blog integration

Save Time

Most accountancy firms are time poor. Meaning that any new project like an App, Blog or even a mobile website needs to be self-managed. The great thing about the MyFirmsApp solution is that it will actually save a firm time. Clients can get the simple information they need without contacting you, they get your updates and news through their App and they can contact you at the touch of a button. All of these feature and more mean that the App will actually save your practice time.

MyFirmsApp saves you time

New App for Accountants


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