ICPA Founder Reviews The Latest Accountants App

MyFirmsApp is trusted by over 100 accountancy firms. It’s also the only App to be promoted or endorsed by one or more of the professional bodies. In fact 5 promote the solution including ACCA, ICAEW, ICAS, parajumpers AIA and ICPA.

As far as we know it’s very unusual for any product to be promoted and recommended by 5 of these respected brands. So why do they all do it? What is it they see in the MyFirmsApp solution that gives them the confidence to stamp their brand on the product?

Why in a little under 6 months have the industry giants got behind ‘mobile’ and aligned themselves with MyFirmsApp?

These are great questions, so when the Chair of the ICPA Tony Margaritelli wanted parajumpers pas cher to write an independent review the solution. Our team jumped at the chance.

If you are an ICPA member (or interested in joining the ICPA) you can meet the MyFirmsApp team at the popular up and coming ICPA event on the 19th September details here http://bit.ly/15IuRR5

Below is the un-edited review.

The App is it the future? I think so

When I first started my practice fulltime with a few clients and a lot of hope the question was “How do I get new clients” the answer then was “by word of mouth”. In time the same question would bring a reply “You need to advertise in local papers”. Move forward and the answer become “you need a presence in Yellow Pages and Thompsons Local”. Moving on again and the answer becomes “you need a website”.

Now having survived all this time and seen and worked through all these changes I believe the answer is “you need an App” Why do I think this? well here are a few interesting facts: One half of local searches are now performed on a mobile device, App users spend on average 81 minutes a day on Apps and by the end of 2012 there were nearly 900million app users on smartphones.

Now these facts simply reinforce the knowledge we have gained by looking around us. Businessmen and women are starting out younger and the younger generation use Mobiles for virtually everything and that means Apps. My own son who is in his late twenties seems to permanently have his mobile in his hand and a review of his mobile shows screen after screen of Apps. Almost everything he does is governed by an App from finding a restaurant to booking the restaurant and calling a cab to checking the screenings at the cinema to buying a ticket everything is an App. Also David Oliver’s lecture at the recent Accountex exhibition was absolutely choc-a-bloc.

This then appears to me to be the future and Accountants better get in now before the future leaves them behind.

Having an App will and should at present augment a website but having an App for your practice gives you the chance to differentiate yourself from others especially those that don’t have one. Your App gives you the opportunity to present your practice differently than the way you do on your website. Just think how easier client retention is with an App.

Now having decided that an App makes sense I followed my own advice and bought an App for the ICPA. I had already decided that I would use “My Firms App” on the basis of cost, ease of use and the fact that they guaranteed to have our App available on both the Android and Apple ios platforms.

They have 3 levels of Setup costs of £599 to £899 and finally £1,950 with an ongoing monthly cost of £20 to £28 and finally £38. Certainly not a lot to pay to get a head start on the competition.

If you checkout their website at www.myfirmsapp.co.uk There you can see all the range and all the individual tools contained therein from an array of calculators and tables to mileage trackers and a photo receipt tool.

So how easy was it to get the App up and running? Actually I was full of dread thinking about the process because I knew how traumatic setting up a website was and frankly I was not looking forward to doing it one little bit.

But from the 1st time I ‘phoned through and set up the demo to the very end I have been very pleased and frankly grew very relaxed about it.

So give them a call on 01325-469603 or book a demo via their website. The demo is conducted from the comfort and security of your desk by ‘phone and you can ask them as many questions as you want and boy did I ask a few.

The next step was to decide which pricing structure I wanted and then place an order, all dealt with easily by email.

I then had to provide details of our social media pages together with the passwords and copies of the logo and standard information about the ICPA. Nothing traumatic frankly just simple but obvious information.

Next I was emailed a link to enable me to add my own content. This is far easier that I was worried about using “Wordpress” to enter the content. I did get in a muddle a couple of times but a ‘phone call to them and I was back on track.

Then in what seemed no time at all I received a call to let me know the App was available and I duly downloaded it from both platforms and it’s as good as I’d hoped.

Now if an old dinosaur like me can get it to function anyone can.

The App will be how you can differentiate your Practice from those around you so one tip I would pass on is to spend a bit of time looking at the Apps that are out there for Accountants and plan you content accordingly and remember Apps are new and young so try not to be staid and boring.

But having been so pleased with the process I have arranged for a very special ICPA member discount and if you visit their site you will see that the ICPA the ICAS and the ACCA are the institutes that have such a discount which shows just how far we have progressed in such a short time. It also shows that the ICPA understand what is important to Accountants in practice today and where we lead others will eventually follow.

My firms App call an App “Your practice in their pocket” which is if you forgive the pun apt I think an App is a slice of the future today and the ICPA will help you buy into the future for less.

All that’s left to say is why not get your mobile out and download the ICPA app to see how I did.

Listen to this short video, 6 reasons why over 100 + of your fellow accountants have all chosen MyFirmsApp.co.uk

Plus discover why ICAS, ACCA, AIA, Economia, Accounting Web all promote this solution

Tony Margaritelli – Chair ICPA


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