6. Your IFP App will be unique to your business

It makes great commercial sense to benefit from tried, tested and proven back-end technology. It means your firm is not re-inventing the wheel or taking unnecessary risks developing an App from scratch. Equally you don’t want your App looking like someone else’s and that’s why we offer customisation in every App package we create.

It’s your unique App, with your branding and logo and it contains your firm’s key messages. Everything is carefully designed so it represents you exactly in the way you wish. No two Apps are ever identical.

In addition, you can also control the content of your App via a secure portal. That means you can add, edit or remove your content, images and links at the touch of a button.

Ideas of your own?

If you have ideas of your own about making your App even more personal, or feel that your clients might want something entirely different, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. We always welcome creative ideas and will be happy to explain our Bespoke App options during your free App demo.


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