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Founded in 1980, Parfrey Murphy have carved out a successful business in County Cork by working with a bevy of different local industries such as the retail, construction, agricultural, manufacturing, medical and charity sectors. Firm co-founder Seamus Parfrey has a long history of working in the accounting sector being trained by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the largest professional service firm in the world, as well as the fact that he has worked for his company for 36 years and counting.

Parfrey Murphy’s clients are typically small firms or self-employed, which gives Parfrey Murphy the ability to help shape their company to achieve their ambitions. One of the things that Parfrey Murphy needs in this regard is the ability to contact their clientele easily, and shift some of the more mundane tasks of accounting onto modern, automated systems. Thus, they have recently commissioned an App from the global leader in Apps for Accountants – MyFirmsApp.

Parfrey Murphy’s Powerful App

This App offers 12 specialised calculators to assist you in any financial needs you may have. These calculators will display a monthly/annual invoice total for a number of financial matters, including VAT, Corporation and Income Tax, Payslip, Mortgage, Increased Profit and more!

The Parfrey Murphy App also provides a list of frequently updated Tax Tables, for those wondering how certain taxes will affect you and informing you on how to optimise your tax returns. From Company Pension Schemes to VAT to Corporation Tax to Income Tax, all this and more are available in this App. The App also provides a complete description of the quarterly government budget almost immediately after announcement, as well as past budgets. The Parfrey Murphy App will also inform you of any big financial dates and events that will occur in future, such as when tax returns are due and VAT3 Returns that must be sent.

Track your mileage and income on the Accountants App

Are your clients frustrated with losing hundreds of old receipts and missing out on expense claims? The Parfrey Murphy Receipt Manager will allow your clients to upload pictures of their receipts to your phone and give a short description of what they are. The Irish Revenue will accept your electronic receipts provided that you give a sufficient description of what they are for – This is exactly what your App will achieve in just a few seconds.

Your clients may have to make journeys as part of their business, and keeping track of your mileage with pen & paper is time consuming and confusing. Parfrey Murphy’s Mileage Tracker will record your travels for you and collate it all into a single App, which can be easily emailed.

Your clients may have multiple sources of income and struggle to keep track of it, or compare total income to expenditure. The Parfrey Murphy Income Tracker allows you to input all your different forms of income into one place and track it next to total expenditure.

Parfrey Murphy’s new App has been designed by the MyFirmsApp team to provide the most desired features of their clients. For starters, you can contact the Parfrey Murphy team directly through your App during working hours, visit their website, read an in-depth team biography to get a good idea of who they are, and read their blog for valuable insight into the latest relevant news. It can also incorporate the latest accounting and tax news on the go, provided you have an internet connection.

Push Notifications: A truly effective method of client communication

The Parfrey Murphy App is also designed to support Push Notifications, an innovative new way of gaining the interest of clients in a method that doesn’t feel as irritating and time consuming as email shots. While email shots tend to get ignored by the vast majority of clients and very few of them actually read it, push notifications are short enough that nearly all of them will read them and 4 to 5 times the amount of users will respond to them in comparison to email shots, directing them straight to whatever you advertised.

Parfrey Murphy’s App will make their firm stand out, bring their systems together and help them communicate more effectively with clients than ever before, all on one compact and versatile solution.

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With almost a thousand firms using our Apps and 30-40 new firms subscribing every month, your Full Feature Trial carried out by phone in just 15 minutes will show you how an App will transform your firm and attract new clients with numerous essential resources and features, such as frequently updated tax tables, calculators and budget packs, full integration with cloud accounting services and many more.

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Connor Mullins |

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