Why legal practice Apps are vital to your law firm

How a legal practice App can transform all law firms


How your law firm delivers its services to existing and future clients is rapidly changing. Business is now transacted on the move thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone and tablet.


Mobile devices have given each user an instant means of accessing online services, but research has found that only 20 per cent of smartphone users connect to the Internet with their device. A staggering 80 per cent are using Apps.


The conclusion that all businesses have come to is that simply having a mobile-ready website is not enough. Your legal practice may have a mobile-ready website, but without a legal practice App your business is missing the immense potential an App can deliver.


To stay relevant, developing an app for your law practice will open new opportunities to communicate with existing clients, and attract new potential business looking to partner with a forward thinking law firm.


For law firms, tapping into this new communications channel is not only vital for the future of their enterprises, but increasingly is becoming a key differentiator when clients choose which law firms to partner with. Simply put, if your legal practice wants to remain relevant and profitable, developing a legal practice App is a commercial priority.


The App economy has evolved to the point where an App is as expected by your legal firm’s clients as a well designed website. The positive impact that Apps have had in the accountancy sector has shown that Apps have become an essential business management tool.


A similar effect is now being felt across legal practices. As your law firm’s clients are now managing their enterprises financial affairs with an App, they will be asking why can’t they also manage their legal affairs with a legal App as well.


What a legal practice App does in essence is make closer personal connections with your law firm’s clients. Customer service as you know is of paramount importance. Legal support along with financial services is the foundations of good business management.


Scott Fleszar, vice president of Strategic Marketing at Thomson Reuters said: “The mobile App enables practitioners to bring their clients a whole new dimension of functionality while maintaining their own branding and identity. It’s a way to collaborate and stay productive without being chained to a PC, to automate the delivery of information and build better relationships, and to provide a level of service and sophistication that wasn’t possible for small and mid-sized firms in the past.”


How a legal practice App accelerates business

Your legal practice doesn’t want to be left behind when it comes to embracing new technologies. Apps now have a proven track record that your legal firm can take advantage of. Developing a legal practice App offers a number of key advantages including:


  • Client loyalty

  • Increased practice visibility

  • Closer working relationships

  • New client communication channels

  • Enhanced levels of customer service

  • New marketing opportunities


  1. Are your clients using Apps to manage their financial affairs? If so, it makes sense that they will want to expand this to the legal components of their businesses. A legal practice App secures them as clients.

  2. Do your clients often need instant legal advice? A legal practice App can give them a communications channel that is available via their mobile device.

  3. Are your key legal services often difficult to deliver? Law firms have a number of core services that they offer to clients. An App enables these services to be delivered seamlessly and on a 24/7 basis.

  4. Does your law firm irregularly communicate with clients? As an App is always available, notifications of changes to the law that impact on clients can be communicated instantly.

  5. Is differentiating your law practice from the others in your region a constant business issue? The development of an App sets your law firm apart from the others in your region. The fact that your legal practice has an App will often be the single reason that new clients seek out your business, and existing clients remain loyal customers.

Legal practice Apps transforms law firms

Transform your law firm’s services by developing a legal practice App


The International Legal Technology Association in their current report into how technology will impact the legal profession concludes: “In the main, legal has followed rather than led clients and other professional service sectors in driving IT-enabled innovation. That situation is changing, not least because clients are demanding it — they are making their expectations clear to all of their professional services partners.


“Clients need these key partners to equip themselves to provide effective and flexible service offerings that reflect the constantly changing reality shaping the business landscape. In this turbulent environment, IT is seen as a critical enabler of the delivery proposition for the 21st century law firm. A simple choice is emerging — to either embrace and invest in the opportunity, or to suffer the consequences of a lack of commitment.”


Embracing what a legal practice App can do for your law firm has never been easier. The legal practice App that MyFirmsApp can create for your law firm will be a new touchpoint with your client base.


There is no need learn complex coding or spend masses of resources to develop your law practice’s App. Your App can be created to your specifications and include any specific features.


And as MyFirmsApp is now an approved supplier to the members of the Scottish Law Society, your law firm can be confident we understand how to create an App your law practice can use to support each of its clients, and help you develop your business long into the future.


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