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We want to partner with you and help your business get the most out of your App. You may already know that we run and have over 30 years experience in helping companies grow.

Free 1:1 without cost, obligation or risk

This is a chance for you to chat to an expert, get advice guidance and comments all proven, tried and tested. We call this 1:1 a Marketing Clinic, it’s delivered by phone or Skype and is focused on what you want to discuss.

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Your 1:1 gives you impartial, expert advice on any area of practice growth

Common areas include:

  • How to get more from my App
  • Key ways to promote and market the App
  • I have x App users what do I do next with them?
  • A review of your overall marketing plan
  • Integrated online and offline marketing for maximum results
  • Discuss what’s working for other firms like yours ‘right now’
  • Access tactical tools and resources to achieve the growth you want
  • See how modern firms are achieving profitable growth
  • Key mistake’s to avoid at all costs
  • Live, interactive Q&A