Mistake 6 – failing to launch your own App to win through this new ecosystem and protect your customers.

Mistake 6 of 16 – Failing to launch your own App

This week we continue our series of blog articles ’16 mistakes made by accountants – and how to avoid them’. Having an App achieves so much for an accountancy firm. It has been proven to work for all sizes of firms, from sole traders and new start-up practices to top 20 firms. Using the blueprint developed by MyFirmsApp means launching your own App couldn’t be easier.

Your App can be live in Apple and Android stores in a matter of weeks, ready to engage your clients in a modern and technologically advanced way. But your App does far more than just that. Launching your App enables you to bring everything together in one central place, so your clients and contacts can access it all directly from their smartphone or tablet. They will be able to access your App and all the powerful features and resources it contains (see below) plus your systems. With one click they can login to Xero, Sage, Kashflow etc; With another click they can login to a secure document exchange portal; With another, access Receipt Bank or an online payment gateway.

Your brand, your App – with you in complete control

In a matter of months the question will not be “Should we launch an App?” It will be, “How can we offer or manage multiple Apps with our clients?” Thanks to the MyFirmsApp solution you only need to launch one App in your firm’s branding, design and style. By downloading your App your clients will be able to receive instant communications from you (No more newsletters!) and, better still, you’re always in complete control. If in the future you stop offering one service and start another, you simply update your App.

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Joel Oliver | joelo@myfirmsapp.com

Joel is the MD of MyFirmsApp and is no newcomer to technology or working with professional service companies. Joel owns Insight Marketing, SalesForAccountants and Insight Digital Media, with over 30 years’ experience working with Accountants, IFAs, Financial Planners, Law Firms and professional service companies.

He pioneered the App project back in 2012 as he could see the huge benefits of Apps for professional firms who wanted to care for existing clients and market profitably to potential new customers. With over 18 years experience in both online and offline marketing, Joel has developed, led and managed many highly successful businesses.

Joel has a hands-on role within the family of companies and enjoys meeting clients and helping them future-proof their businesses. As the App continues to expand in the UK and overseas. Joel continues to ensure the App product and its bolt-ons get better and better.

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Outside work:

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