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Joel Oliver | Founder | MyFirmsApp

“When developing the App for the Irish market we wanted to partner with a smart thinking, proactive firm of accountants. A team that could develop and support the technical elements of the App whilst helping educate our team to the wants, needs and wishes of Irish accountancy firms.

Partnering with McInerney Saunders means that MyFirmsApp has the technical support, local expertise and knowledge from a quality firm with an international reputation. Plus forward thinking ideas that are pushing the App technology in new and improved directions for the end users.”

Neal Morrison | Partner | McInerney Saunders

“We have known Joel, David and the team behind MyFirmsApp for years. So it was great news when we heard they were launching a brand new App for accountants. When they approached McInerney Saunders with the idea of partnering on an Irish version of the already popular App our partners were delighted.

Our tax teams are supporting the technical content and we are personally directing some new, innovative features for the App. We are excited to be part of this new technology and look forward to launching the Irish version of the App shortly.”

McInerney SaundersUK 200 Group

New App for Accountants


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