8 Reasons to see the MyFirmsApp stand at Accountex

8 Reasons to visit the MyFirmsApp Stand at Accountex:

It’s Accountex season once again and MyFirmsApp have not only already planned out an App & Marketing Workshop, 15 useful seminars and a keynote speech for all attending by David Oliver himself, but also intend to showcase their key business solution to everyone attending this year: the App.

While you are attending Accountex, consider taking a look at the MyFirmsApp stand for these reasons:

  1. Discover the latest version of the proven App solution by MyFirmsApp

The MyFirmsApp solution is the only mobile App currently recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and is also promoted by the ACCA, CIMA, ICAS, ICPA, 2020 Innovation, Kreston Reeves and more. MyFirmsApp will be demonstrating the latest version of the MyFirmsApp App package at Accountex. Attend and discover why 120,000 end users worldwide are using it.


  1. Live Q&A with full technical support –Big Screen Demo

In the event that you feel unsure as to the effectiveness or feasibility of an App for accountants, the live Q&A with Dan Richards is sure to assuage these doubts about our App.  These Q&A sessions will run on both days, so if you missed your chance on the 11th don’t fret!

You will also get to see our App on the Big Screen – on both days at 11:00AM to 11:45 and 4:00PM to 4:45. Throughout this session Justin & Dan will be showing our latest App design & discussing how an App can be personalised for your firm, provide the latest finance and tax news, retain clients and secure new ones.


  1. Chance to win a free App for your time

This one is pretty self-explanatory; those who attend may be in the running for a free App, tailored to their firm and posted on the iTunes/Google Play store in a matter of weeks. For those who have spent or seen other firms spend thousands on a too-big-to-fail mobile App, this is a potential deal too good to be ignored.


  1. Meet with our senior executive team

David, Dan and Justin will be attending throughout these seminars. Each of them have a long history in their respective line of work, with David running Insight and its subsidiaries for over 30 years, Dan has been working in sales for 16 years and Justin is experienced in App development for the most popular devices in use by hundreds of millions of people today. If you see these three on the MyFirmsApp stand at Accountex, feel free to ask them anything.


  1. See how MyFirmsApp technology will put accountants first

The App developed by MyFirmsApp has been designed to give accountants a vital role in the lives of businesses and individuals. In the current fiscal market, accountants are being nudged out of their traditional roles by new technology – particularly the current developments shown by HMRC and the Australian Taxation Office. While these drastic changes to the accountancy world will be a problem for many firms that refuse to evolve, your firm will be given a strong advantage over competing firms and keep your clients under your wing.


  1. Learn what’s happening on the roadmap for the App and new features coming soon

One of the seminars (only available by invitation) that will be featured at Accountex will be David, Dan and Justin describing the business roadmap for MyFirmsApp and how future relationships with its clients will play out. Sip on a glass of champagne as the trio discuss how 2017 will roll out for MyFirmsApp and its clients.


  1. Learn how to protect your firm from the end of tax returns

Recently the HMRC has been unveiling plans to replace our current tax system with a modernised, less complicated system that puts taxes in the hands of the taxpayer in a form that they can understand. Naturally, this leaves someone out – Accountants. Accountancy is currently in a sink-or-swim crisis that will see many goliaths of the industry drop dead as its business becomes obsolete. Nevertheless, there is still a way to benefit from this watershed moment. Join David as he discusses and explains how your firm can benefit and exploit these changes to the industry.


  1. The 4 Biggest Threats to The Accounting Profession – and how to counter them

Many firms have expressed trepidation and concern over the current state of the accounting and bookkeeping industry, which appears to have been in a state of flux for a number of years. Some pundits have begun questioning the need for the current accounting model, but there’s still plenty of ways an accountant can retain clients and keep a healthy practice running. Join David Oliver as he discusses these 4 threats and how you can effectively react to and benefit from them.


Please come along and join us live on stand A1020 or in the App workshop next door, you can register for free tickets here.


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Connor Mullins

Connor Mullins | connorm@myfirmsapp.com

Connor specialises in marketing and customer enablement, handling App calls and providing a key service to ensure clients can promote their App effectively using a range of marketing strategies.

MyFirmsApp provide the world’s leading App solution for Accountants and Bookkeepers, and Connor helps professional service firms in overseeing the progress of their App project and helping them to drive engagement with their clients, and getting the most from Push Notifications to drive interaction.

Connor and the team at MyFirmsApp™ recognise that unless firms have their own App, they will concede control over their clients to these third parties. By putting accountants first and creating an affordable and effective App that will help them remain the anchor in this mobile relationship, MFA is helping thousands of firms protect their client database, save time, generate referrals and create new client relationships.

His experience and skills through having a BA Hons degree in journalism are invaluable to the team.