MyFirsmApp to share the latest in App and Mobile technology for accountants

On the 6th and 7th of June at Excel London you can join the senior team behind the MyFirmsApp solution. What’s more with sessions running throughout the day on App and mobile technology within the profession there will be fantastic, brand new content for you to hear – free.

If you have not yet registered for your tickets you can do that here right now in a few seconds – its not too late.

A sneak preview at just some of what will be covered at Accountex

Making your existing website mobile | The Rise of the Smartphone

Mobile computing is one of the hottest topics in the profession today. Almost all of us use smartphones and tablets to browse the web, wherever we are. What this means to the profession is that firms can start reaching out to this growing audience of smartphone and mobile device users in a way that’s user-friendly. Read More

Getting your Accountancy Firm its very own Apple and Android App

The number of accountancy firms launching their own App is booming. And for good reason! With an estimated 830-million smartphone users, a typical firms clients are almost all using smartphones. Getting your own App to give to clients and prospects can change the way your firm communicates and interacts forever.

But how do you go about getting your very own App developed? Read More

Generating more referrals | David Oliver

Winning new clients is never easy, and we all know the very best source of new business is referrals. Referrals can be inexpensive to get and are often far easier to sell to because they come to you, recommended by a trusted source. They are then in many ways the perfect lead, but obtaining a regular flow of referrals can actually be a difficult process for accountancy firms.

This workshop will explore proven, easy to implement ways your accountancy firm can win more referrals, including…Read More

Is offline marketing dead?

With so much focus on online marketing, Apps, mobile technology and social media is offline marketing dead? In this fast paced session, perhaps the most experienced offline marketer for accountants will lift the lid of offline marketing. He will share with you what’s working right now, and reveal the keys to a successful offline marketing plan.

In 45 minutes you can discover Read More

The importance of Mobile and how it affects accountants

By the end of 2013 smartphone browsing will overtake desktops!

We all enjoy convenience, efficiency and, of course, saving time. It’s all about performing tasks faster, with less effort. And that’s at the heart of the mobile conversation. Mobile is not just an opportunity to create a mobile version of a website, it’s also a chance to give your clients and prospects a vastly improved user experience. Read More

Saving Time, Becoming more efficient and communicating through Blogs

Do any accountants really have time to blog? That’s the common question we are asked when presenting the topic of blogs. When you attend this session, we will show you how using a blog not only saves time and helps your business become more efficient but will also help win you new clients.

Attend and you will discover what other accountants are doing with blogs that enables them to…Read More


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