Be one of the first to see the faster, slicker, improved App for accountancy firms

Yes, this is your chance to see the all-new App that’s been carefully developed for accountants to give to clients and prospects. The App is fully compliant, approved and endorsed and comes with all the tax and financial data you would love your clients to access.

What’s more, this feature-rich App is jam-packed with tools that your clients will love, saving them – and you – lots of time.

Low cost, easy to launch and proven to work

Although the App has been entirely re-built on a brand new platform, the solution has been tried, tested and proven. It’s easy to launch your App with MyFirmsApp, and you’ll have your own App in your branding can be ‘live’ in the Apple and Android stores in just a few weeks.


One critical interface between all your systems, your firm and your customers

Once you launch an App with MyFirmsApp it will bring together all the current and future systems for your firm. So, rather than giving your clients many different Apps or multiple login website links, you simply give them your App.

Differentiate your accountancy practice

Although Apps are becoming increasingly essential to many people in their day-to-day lives, very few accountancy firms have reacted to this demand.

So when you launch an App it will ensure you differentiate your firm.

It will help you stand out in a modern and technologically advanced way in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards |

Daniel is Head of Sales and a member of the executive team at MyFirmsApp – the global leader in Apps for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

He is passionate about helping firms maintain a key role in the always-on App environment which plays such an important part in our daily lives. He is particularly keen to raise awareness of the threats posed to accountants and bookkeepers by 3rd parties and even Government. Without a firms’ own App, it really has no way to serve within, benefit from or control the environment where so many clients and prospects now spend their time each day.

Daniel has been involved in helping professional service firms grow and make the most of new techniques, strategies and technology for over 17 years. He is considered to be a thought-leader, is a renowned speaker, and is the go-to-guy for firms and professional bodies when it comes to Apps for accountancy firms.

He has hundreds of testimonials from large and small firms alike, has presented to thousands of firms through the MyFirmsApp and Insight webinars, and regularly speaks for the professional bodies and membership organisations.

Outside work: In his early days Daniel spent most of his time mountaineering and was fortunate enough to undertake expeditions in places such as The Himalayas, Alps, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Norway and others. Now he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible with his family and friends as well as being active in the leadership of a local church.