App Update

Thank you for choosing to update your App. This is a great time for us to ask you if you would like to add any additional icons on your App’s home page with the following options. All you need to do is enter a URL for each of the home page icons that you would like us to add. These icons will be added into the App and sent to the App development team to update your App.
If you require help or assistance simply call 0800 011 9196 or email

Company Information

Your interface launch buttons

Your App can become the single critical interface between your firm, your clients and your systems. One place they can go to, to use key tools and launch the logins to other systems. Please specify here the name of the icon/button you’d like us to create for you and the exact url it needs to link to. You can choose more than one. The link you provide needs to be for the login page for that specific system, be it document exchange, cloud accounting or otherwise.

Cloud Accounting

Client Portal / Secure Document Exchange

Online Payment

Custom Launch Buttons

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