LinkedIn is a fantastic place to promote your new App to your connections. If it’s done correctly it can be a great way to promote your App at no cost. Ensuring your clients and potential customers download your new App. Once it’s on their phone, you can then communicate and interact with them in a new and time efficient way.

Your personal profile 100% complete

Each senior team member within your firm needs to use their own personal profiles to promote your new App. This is best done once you have set up your new App as a product on your company profile (see below). You can then share the product with your entire network, get recommendations for your new App through LinkedIn and raise your firms profile online.

Before you start to share articles using your LinkedIn profile it’s important your profile is 100% up to date. If it is not you may wish to get our team to help you do this or download our free report “Unlock the Power of LinkedIn for Accountants” here.

Your company profile on LinkedIn

Company pages are like personal profile pages for your company. Your company page on LinkedIn is effectively a mini-website for your firm, but it is located on Linked to make it easy for LinkedIn members to find.

Your company page will always appear when a LinkedIn member types in your company’s name. Because LinkedIn is a trusted source by Google, your LinkedIn page will rank in Google search results. For these reasons, you need to make sure your company page is complete and updated with your latest news, and that includes your brand new App.

Make sure you have a LinkedIn company page and that it’s up to date

This guide is focused on the marketing and promotion of your new App on LinkedIn. Key to this is your company page on LinkedIn, so make sure it’s up to date and complete. If you don’t have the time, or resources our team can help.

Once it is up to date, you then need to add your App as a new product your firm offers.

Add your new App as a new product, and then share it with your entire network of followers

If you want a complete guide to promoting your App on Linked including pre-written descriptions and step-by-step advice see this guide.

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