Who should provide us with the RSS feed?

You are responsible for providing us with an RSS feed. If you are not familiar with what this is, how they
work or if you don’t have one then you need to speak to you existing website suppliers and email them a
copy of this PDF.

Your provider may have already created an RSS feed for you (without your knowledge) and if not should
create one for you same day that you make the request.


The RSS feed must be valid and contain not only a description element for each item, but also a content
item. This is because the description is used as a short snippet on the list page of the app, in the news
section, and the content is used as the core article content.

Using WordPress and managing it yourself?

If you are using WordPress to manage your blog then you can use this SEO plugin for your blog (please
note this is an external plugin and not something we manage) http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/
wordpress-seo/ This plugin will help tremendously with the ranking of your posts as well as structuring the
feed in such a way that helps with RSS readers.

If you already have a custom RSS feed then use that (the person who set it up should know what the URL
is); if you don’t or don’t know if you do then if you’re using WordPress as your sites CMS then type in your
websites address followed by /feed this should bring up a ‘bare’ XML feed, this is your RSS feed url; i.e. www.

If you’re using WordPress as a bolted on blog, such as the ‘i-blog’ then your RSS feed will be www.
yourdomainname.com/blog/feed. Please note the /blog is reference to the folder your blog is contained in,
this could be subject to change, but if you have an ‘i-blog ‘this will always be /blog.

Can we provide an RSS Feed for you?

If you have an existing blog, yes we can create and RSS feed for you.

This is a manual process and requires the skills of one of our developers to set up and test. There is a small
administration charge to set up your customised RSS feed if you prefer us to do it rather than your current
supplier. The charge is £45 + Vat, to instruct us simply email support@myfirmsapp.com

Who do we send the RSS feed to?

Please email the feed to support@myfirmsapp.com

Need technical help?

In the first instance, please send this PDF to your existing website provider and ask them to supply the
RSS feed.

Please note we do not chase your providers or suppliers on your behalf. If they require a brief this PDF is all
they should require to supply you with a working RSS feed.

If you don’t have support from them or would rather we create your RSS feed for you – please kindly
instruct us by emailing support@myfirmsapp.co.uk

Checking the RSS feed is displaying correctly

Once its set up, to check its working correctly simply visit your App and click on News & Offers (or blog if
you changed the wording at design stage) and you should see your blog articles are drawing through
like this:


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