Push Notifications make communication simple

Push Notifications……At last client communication made simple

For the majority of professional firms (accountants, IFAs, IFPs and Solicitors) sending a communication out to all your customers (and potential customers) can be a real effort.

Some still struggle with emails via a programme like Outlook, while more advanced firms will use a mail program like Mailchimp. Even then, when everything is working well they are only going to enjoy a 4 – 6% open rate, at best.

In the last week I have received letters from accountancy firms enclosing tax cards with the latest budget data. I’m amazed that some firms are still resorting to these old fashioned methods of sending out information. In my opinion, it is a waste of time, effort, money and resources.

Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with email or direct mail. Indeed, if you have read our recent report, you’ll know we advocate them in some circumstances. But when there is a far more efficient, time effective, and well received form of communication, it seems a little ridiculous not to use it as part of your strategy.

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is a short message, a little like a text message, that App clients can send out to all their App users.

It takes just seconds to write, it’s sent instantly and automatically lands on all your App users’ phones or tablets.

And for most of your connections, their Smartphone is something they have with them all the time. Never before has this level of customer interaction been possible.

Push Notifications make communication simple

Think about it for a moment… When was the last time you were without your Smartphone for an entire day? For most of you, I’m sure your Smartphone is attached to you night and day.

For example, what’s the very first thing you do in the morning? According to recent research by emailmonday, over 65% of us check our phone first thing in the morning.

So when you send out messages via your new App they are likely to become the most powerful communication tool at your disposal.

Push Notifications make communication simple

They get a staggering ‘open’ rate and are so easy to send!

Imagine, by reaching your audience in this new way, your message doesn’t have to fight for visibility with hundreds of other emails in a crammed-full inbox or a pile of junk mail carefully filtered by a secretary or PA.

On average, our own push notifications generate a +90% open rate. By comparison, emails generate an open rate of 4% if you are lucky.

Think about it for a moment… In seconds, you can reach your App users, without any extra cost and with much less effort and time than any other form of marketing – and enjoy the highest possible open rates!

Put another way… Push notifications are easy to write, take seconds to send and generate a 90% higher open rate than emails.

And better still, thanks to a handy inbuilt scheduler, you can even programme your messages for a month, quarter or even the entire year ahead.

Push Notifications make communication simple

Improve the way you communicate with clients and prospects

So, push messages give you a new, improved and simple way to communicate and enjoy a higher response rate. This is just one of the many reasons to consider launching your own App. To discuss your App project simply contact us or register for your App demo here

Don’t forget to log back on soon – the next blog article is on Writing Effective Push Notifications.


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