Receipt Bank Integration

Platinum Apps come fully enabled with Receipt Bank Integration

Nelson Da Silva | Partners Manager

Receipt Bank Integration

Receipt Bank is seamlessly integrated with MyFirmsApp and provides a near real time view of your accounts. Your clients can access Receipt Bank within the app and snap a photo of their invoinces and receipts. Receipt Bank then extractsthe data and publishes it directly into their accounting software.

Who is it for?

Receipt Bank is used by 1,000+ firms of accountants and bookkeepers. It is a really useful tool for accountants and bookkeepers who would like to save time, offer higher value services and increase margins.

Receipt Bank gives you:

  • More hours in the day - our software does the data entry for you.
  • Improved quality and consistency of information in real time.
  • Safe, secure storage of your invoices and receipts as required by tax authorities around the world.