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The Big 4 (and other national firms) are changing their approach and are actively targeting small clients, which has put what was once considered safe, secure clients at high risk. But now with cloud technology and some very big deals with well-known software companies, it has become a very attractive option to them.

Those large, corporate firms are now actively, some aggressively, targeting smaller clients using repetitive, automated online marketing.

So it prompts the questions, how can you compete?

It turns out you can, and not only that but you can actually do it better. By being a smaller firm, you are far more agile and are able to react a lot quicker than those larger firms, you can also be a lot more personal in your approach.

Our free webinar, “Big 4 Target Small Clients” shows you how you can replicate what those companies are doing with your own email marketing strategy, and it is much easier than you think.

Also discussed is a tool that will help you succeed against the Big 4. It will help you differentiate your company and help you stand out, protect your existing customers, automate your communication, help you find, impress and win new clients.

Listen to find out more! We are running two sessions, one for the USA and one for Australia – see times below.

Running December 12th at 2.30pm AEDT – Register now > >

Running December 12th at 12.00pm EST – Register now > >


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