A refreshingly simple way to launch a remarkably powerful App

Simply say yes to an App today and you could have your App approved and in both Apple and Android stores in a matter of weeks.

There’s nothing complex at all that we require from you. No difficult setup, no big time drain, no new infrastructure or IT systems required.

It’s a painless, automated and risk free way to engage with your customers and prospects. Giving your clients what they really want while you sensitively expand your brand.

Plus you can save up to 1 hour per client per week thanks to the Receipt Manager, Income Tracker and integration with Reciept Bank.

Smartphone & Tablet use is booming


Why should Professional Service businesses have an App?

We operate in a ’now’ culture where clients don’t want or expect to wait for information. The App ecosystem offers engagement levels that simply have never been possible in the past.

And that gives professional service firms a huge business opportunity. For those who understand the need to engage with their clients and develop closer working relationships, the App offers a new channel to deliver key services and help turn clients into business advocates.

For all businesses, having an App represents a commercial and customer services opportunity that should not be missed.

Your App live in the Apple and Android Stores in a matter of weeks

Thanks to a carefully engineered process, you can have a fully branded App in your firm’s colours etc available for download in the Apple and Android stores in a matter of weeks. Each one is designed and developed in a way that makes it unique to your firm – an immediate, striking point of differentiation between you and your competitors.

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A unique suite of features that your clients and prospects will love

Powerful Calculators
Great calculators that your clients and prospects will love, encouraging regular App interaction.
Tax Tables & Dates
Useful tax tables and key dates placed at your clients' fingertips.
Photo Receipt Tool
Save up to 1 hour per week per client thanks to this awesome bit of kit. Allowing clients to photograph and manage receipts on the go.
Mileage Tracker
Fantastic! Sums up this built-in tracker. You can record journeys, log trips and export data.
Send Push Messages
Send messages to all your App users instantly, easily and in real time. Gets your messages read.
Precious Metal Tracker
Real-time tracking of precious metals. Helps clients and prospects make decisions on the move.
Finance News
The very latest financial news, automatically updated to your App.
Link to your blog. Automatically shows your blogs in the App instantly.
Content Control
Login to your App, and add, remove or amend your content quickly and easily.
Review App
This handy feature makes getting important end-user feedback a breeze.
Social Media
Your App integrates with all your current social media channels in a flash.
Arrange To Meet
Enables your users to request a meeting in a few simple clicks.
Shares & Fund Prices
A direct link to the latest share prices from FT Markets.
Pension & Rates
View the latest pension data and financial rates.
Portfolio Tracker
Enables clients to login to their portfolios while on the move.
Morning Star
Link to Morning Star for the latest market data.
About You
Carefully constructed areas for information about your business and the services you offer.
Option & Bespoke Icons
Add icons and links to Dropbox, payment portals, Secure Document Exchange etc.
Marketing Support
Once 'live' you can access proven, tried and tested App marketing for rapid ROI.
Stand Out
Your unique App will help you stand out, be different and get noticed.

Exclusive benefits and packages for members of:

3 carefully structure App packages for Accountants, IFPs and IFAs


The perfect App
for smaller businesses


+ monthly support



Mid-tier App
for those in finance


+ monthly support



Advanced finance App
for maximum engagement


+ monthly support