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See the latest Platinum App for Accountancy Firms

Due to the outstanding success of the Silver and Gold App MyFirmsApp are proud to launch the very latest, all new Platinum App. Using the framework of the Gold App the platinum offers you enhanced features that make this App the most powerful App for Accountants currently available.

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Time Saver

Built to save you, your team and your client’s time. This App really is a game changer. You can give clients the answers to the simple, day-to-day questions all through their App. What’s more it contains a receipt management system built in. This enables your clients to photograph receipts, categorize them, sort them and if necessary export or email to you – their trusted, technologically advanced accountants.

Save your time use MyFirmsApp Platinum App

Reputation Enhancer and Differentiator

As the entire accountancy market becomes more competitive the need to enhance your firms reputation grows in importance. Differentiating what you do, has always been hard and with more firms marketing themselves than ever it’s become almost impossible.

Thanks to the Platinum App you can now differentiate your firm, with ease and at low cost. By providing your clients and prospects with a free App your actually proving how different you are. Rather than just talking about how proactive or different your firm is.

Communicate more efficiently

The way we connect with each other is important to relationships. The Platinum App will give your firm a brand new, time efficient way to communicate with your clients and prospects.

MyFirmsApp Platinum App

A very special part of the App solution from MyFirmsApp is that it integrates with your blog (either the I-blog or a WordPress blog).

This means that every time you blog, it immediately arrives in real time on your App users device, for them to read and respond. For most firms this is the answer they have been looking for. The blog updates all their social media platforms (automatically) and it also updates their App. Removing the need for expensive, generic newsletters and allowing you to communicate with ease to your audience in a distinctive fashion.

Platinum App clients have enhanced communication using push notifications. Enabling them to communicate to all App users in just a few seconds.

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It’s the early adopters that will benefit most from this groundbreaking technology. Register for your free demo and be one of the first firms to see this all new App.


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