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Segmented Push Notifications

By collecting some basic information when a user downloads your App, you can now target or group that user easily with push notifications.

This gives you the ability to tailor your notifications to specific clients and schedule notifications to send out in the future.

Currency Converter

The currency converter can quickly, and easily calculate your currency from many different types, you can instantly email conversions to yourself or others in seconds.

Rapid Navigation Menu

The rapid navigation menu allows quick access to the key tools such as the mileage tracker, it is quick and easy to use and is branded completely in your color scheme.

It gives the app a fresh new look at is certain to be a useful feature within the app.

In-app forms

The forms section enables you to easily keep track of any new customers or changed details, an easy way to keep your data digital.

In-app video channels

The new videos section enables you to easily on-board your customers, you have control over the channels you have in your app and the videos are constantly kept up to date.

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