Segmentation – an advanced module for Platinum Clients

Personalised 1:1 or selective group communication using push – we call it ‘segmentation’

Communication and getting a response from customers and future clients is one of the big challenges for professional firms. Emails are the most commonly used method, and that often just means your emails get buried in a clients inbox that’s overflowing!

Add to that the data management issues, trying to manage data and keep it up to date is a real uphill, expensive and inefficient process.

So how do you communicate in a simpler way 1:1 direct to their device?

Now, thanks to segmentation, you can send a message to an individual or a group. Say you want to send a message to all the people that have your App that are not yet a client.; or send to all clients, or better yet send to individuals.

Just think for a moment – there are hundreds of uses for this module – meeting reminders, vat and tax return deadlines, chasing for information from clients or reminding them to use the receipt manager or mileage tracker. Promoting a seminar you a running or a charity event you are involved in – or just wishing certain clients happy birthday.

Segmentation provides you with significant benefits:

  • Communicate 5 x more effectually than email
  • Zero cost to send and no restrictions on volume or frequency
  • Easy to administrate and send with no data management
  • Know who has your App and who they are
  • Send messages to all users and groups of users
  • Direct message individuals
  • Focused messages for clients and non-clients
  • Opens the door to automated marketing

Monthly automated push messages completely free of charge!

As our thank you we will automate monthly messages to go out to all your App users totally free. Sharing with all of your users the late test news, tools and App features helping you get more engagement without having to do more. This can be used in conjunction with your own messages you will send to individuals and groups.

Available for a low monthly investment of just £70 + vat with limitless usage and full training

This advanced module is available for a low investment of just £70 per month. Once this is setup and activated you benefit from free monthly messages (see above) and dedicated training.

You know exactly who is using your App and we manage all that data

Not only can you send messages to individuals and groups – but you also get to understand exactly who is using the App and their data. Its all managed for you in the centralised data store. So every time someone downloads your custom App App they are asked a selection of simple questions – name, mobile number, email etc. All that data is stored and available for you to use anytime.

Marketing on steroids with full automation

For those of you who are marketing focused or have an agency you use – this can get really exciting. We have seen customers take this even further – link the data into your current system. Hubspot, Act, practice management etc.

How does it work

Once your app is segmentation-enabled, your new and existing users fill in their information using a small introductory form. This data is then available for you to view at any time in your management console.

Collected users can be grouped. Groups are created based on your own rules and business processes, and it’s as simple as giving a group a name, and selecting those users you want to include.

When constructing a push notification you can select groups of users, and or individual users to be included in the message, providing you with highly targeted results. You also have the option to send to everybody, giving you complete control over your notification delivery.