Advanced App for maximum engagement

£179 per month

Plus £229 one-off design fee – What’s this?

Unique App icon design
Unique Splash page design
Unique Home page design
Custom sections for your own tax content
Calculators (click the number to view the calculators) 5
Receipt Manager 'Never lose a receipt again'
Mileage Tracker (iOS only)
Precious Metals Tracker
Latest Business & Financial News
Income Tracker
Pages you control 20
Review App Feature
Meet The Team and Staff Bio page 20
Social Media Integration
Contact Us
Skype Integration
Link to website
Multiple Addresses and Sites 10
Real time updates via your blog
Send Push Messages
Message Scheduler
Optional or Bespoke icons & links

One Off Design Fee

Your App will look and feel like your own creation. To achieve this and the enhanced and extended design Platinum App customers benefit from you are provided with a dedicated, named senior designer. They will have a minimum of 10 years experience working with accounting firms and have designed in excess of 350 Apps.

Work closely with you, your team

This ensures that your design is customised, distinctively your own but also ensures the process is simple, easy and painless. Knowing that all we need from you is your logo, a link to your website and some basic company information.

The design charge is a one off fee of £229 payable up front.

*If at any point you ask us to re-design your App the market fee at that time will be payable.