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How to stay first with technology – in the App world and in your client relationships

There are many useful Apps you can offer to your clients. There are also many software companies who recognise the opportunity to offer their services directly to business owners by using accounting firms as their introducers.

Professional practioners have become the conduit – and in doing so have put themselves
and control of their customers at risk. This is exaggerated due to the demand for Apps. The growth in cloud accounting and the ‘Add-on’ communities that have developed around them.

Accountants now find themselves using anywhere from 5 – 40 Apps between their practice and their clients. So the way you manage these, and the way they talk to each other is a major consideration.

Everything in one place

In your brand, thanks to your firm

As you can imagine, with all these individual Apps to load onto their Smartphones, clients’ home screens are soon swamped and usage becomes more and more difficult. In addition, the lack of integration between Apps means confusion and disruption for accountants and clients alike. It also leads to a fundamental and increasing dis-engagement between accountants and their clients.

On the other hand, the MyFirmsApp Accountants App has everything fully accessible through one App – yours!
There’s a single button on their mobile device in your firm’s branding and colours so it quickly becomes your clients’ essential point of entry to access, use and log in to all finance, tax and accounting-related
information – and you will retain your trusted advisor status.

Integrated, intuitive technology

The honeymoon is over for best of breed, it’s time for Apps to be in one place

Integrted apps for accountants

Custom design & branding

Securing your brand through bespoke design

accountancy apps

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Joel Oliver |

Joel is the MD of MyFirmsApp and is no newcomer to technology or working with professional service companies. Joel owns Insight Marketing, SalesForAccountants and Insight Digital Media, with over 30 years’ experience working with Accountants, IFAs, Financial Planners, Law Firms and professional service companies.

He pioneered the App project back in 2012 as he could see the huge benefits of Apps for professional firms who wanted to care for existing clients and market profitably to potential new customers. With over 18 years experience in both online and offline marketing, Joel has developed, led and managed many highly successful businesses.

Joel has a hands-on role within the family of companies and enjoys meeting clients and helping them future-proof their businesses. As the App continues to expand in the UK and overseas. Joel continues to ensure the App product and its bolt-ons get better and better.

To find out more about Joel and his connections, see his LinkedIn Profile or email him on

Outside work:

Outside work you will often find Joel with his friends or family enjoying varied hobbies from salmon fishing to fine wine and sailing. Joel is also an assistant pastor at a local church and runs numerous youth groups.